Obama urges [note it's not "demands"] Israel to end Palestinian 'siege'

Obama urges [note it's not "demands"] Israel to end Palestinian 'siege'

Tom Usher wrote or added | Requiring people who have had their lands stolen via terrorism and ethnic cleansing to recognized the "state" that did that to them and to renounce their rights to their lands back is unacceptable. I reject the Zionists' claim to the lands they've thusly stolen. There is only one correct course and that is that the Zionist must give back every bit of stolen land going back to the beginning of what has been termed the Zionist movement. Once the Zionists have agreed to that, then it will be up to the Palestinians and Gazans as to whether or not to accept repentant former Zionists, which I would urge them to do — to treat them with all the dignity that the Palestinians wanted shown to them the whole while that the Zionist treated the Palestinians worse than the Zionists treat animals.

Celia Kelly Bredenbeck If we demand that Israel give Palestine back, then we'll have to give all the land back to the Native Americans, and then where would we be? </sarcasm>

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