"Beirut's UN vote on Iran generates controversy" The Daily Star

Tom Usher wrote or added | This article doesn't mention the most important aspect and that's the Shiite-Christian divide in Lebanon with certain of the Christians having sided with the Israelis when Israel was occupying Lebanon against the Palestinian refugees driven from Palestine via ethnic cleansing by the Zionists. You can be pretty sure that the cabinet split along religious lines.

In 1982, Israel, under Ariel Sharon's leadership of the Israel forces in Lebanon, highly facilitated the Christians massacring of many hundreds of unarmed Palestinians (men, women, and children) trapped in a refugee camp known as Sabra and Shatila.

It led to Sharon being nicknamed the butcher of Lebanon. It was due to this, among other things, that it was shocking that Israel elected him Prime Minister — spoke volumes about the Zionists' stone-cold hearts.

It's also why I didn't trust him at all concerning his "withdrawal" from Gaza. I said then that it was just a way of getting Israelis out of the way for when Sharon turns on the Gazans to attack them mercilessly, as Israel did even though Sharon was a vegetable after his massive stroke.

Thomas Smitherman: However, things have changed since the 80s, Tom. The Sunni-Shi'a conflict is far more polarising, with the Christians in the middle (or somewhat split down the middle, half on each side). When Israel attacked Lebanon a few years ago, I recall a poll asking people if they support Hizbollah's defence of the country. With Shi'a, as you can imagine, it was near unanimous...with Sunnis, it was a general, but not impressive, majority...with Christians it was around 80% or so. Most Lebanese Christians are anti-Israel, even apparently those supporting the formerly militant Maronite Lebanese Forces (I have noticed some expat Lebanese Falangists on the web who only have good things to say about Israel, but I think they are far from power).

Hariri, on the other hand, is a Saudi agent. It is largely his boys who were pro-abstention.

Tom Usher

Yes, I saw the poll too. I read Fisk and others on it too. I'm not in the dark concerning the interpretation of the poll — point of view. I just don't buy it. The Lebanese Christians are being more calculating than they are being concerned for the Gazans.

However, things haven't healed there. It's a Band-Aid that's covering serious splits that when looked into deeply, do run along a Christian-Shiite divide but also a Christian-Muslim divide. I'm not saying that it's not artificially stimulated. It is, just as the sectarian rift in Iraq was US/UK El Salvador option tactics (false-flag mosque bombings, just as in Iran). The trouble is that the US does exploit cracks. The cracks are too easily exploited because there are fundamental differences that even when the people say, "We used to get along fine," doesn't stop them from attacking each other, even when they know damn well that it was the US that got them all revved up. If the divide were not real, those people would band together against the US. That's the whole Ummah thing. They can't do it though because the Shiite are bloodline oriented whereas the Sunni are spiritline, and the boys at the Pentagon know it only too well.

It's fluid. That's where I am on it.

Also, I wasn't stating that the Christians are a solid block. My point though is that if they were, they would have, and should have, sided with the Shiites on the sanctions issue because sanctions like that (based upon lies) are anti-Christ. What did you think I was saying?

In addition, I don't write here just for Facebook but for my blog (it ends up there too) where I want to state some history that many youths and even plenty of adults know nothing about but just fall for the Christian-Zionist crap, such as that Sharon was a great man when, in very fact, he was an unrepentant snake in the grass — may God have mercy on his soul. I wish Sharon would have listened and heeded while he had the opportunity.

I do appreciate your knowledge on a range of subjects, so pardon me (not to be read as sarcastic) that my lead-ins insult your intelligence. It's not my intention. I write quickly, and can't flesh out every detail as if I'm spending weeks on a scholarly, re-researched, footnoted essay.

We're in a propaganda battle; and time really is of the essence, and the audience is actually the world.

Tom Usher

I was very tired when I wrote that reply-comment immediately above, Thomas; so please forgive all the punctuation errors and typos.

Also, I wasn't sure whether your comment was being additive or whether you were under the impression that I was perhaps in a blackout on the area after the earlier 1980's (it happens, thanks to the damned mainstream corporate media). Regardless, I'm not a history-of-Lebanon expert. You certainly raised important information.

Here's a link to an also simplified article (as was my lead-in above) that if the leads are followed, does suggest more of my thinking on the subject and doesn't fail to support some of your points, especially concerning the Wahhabist front for the Saudi monarchy/dictatorship: http://www.slate.com/id/2220034

Thank you for your comments and questions, etc. While we don't see eye-to-eye on every last detail about Christianity in terms of what it is/should be, I do consider you a Christian friend and ally. Even though I'm not heavy on the liturgical, as you know, I would attend a service with you and have no problem with sharing the cup and bread and with singing good hymns in praise, etc. I might avoid some of the creeds and don't need smoke in my face or water thrown on me (meant light-heartedly), but otherwise....

Peace brother,


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