"Goodbye V-Shaped Recovery: Payrolls Surge and Disappoint" Christian Menegatti | Roubini

"Goodbye V-Shaped Recovery: Payrolls Surge and Disappoint" Christian Menegatti | Roubini

Tom Usher wrote or added | This is still way too rosy.

People are going to become really depressed and then extremely angry when they realize that the banksters took the bailout and stimulus and parked it for themselves just so the economy would tank and they could demand privatization of entitlements under a false pretext that it has to be done to fight potential inflationary pressures but really to rip us all off even more via falling wages going into the next boom where the fat cats will just get all the fatter while everyone else is on a permanent, wholly unnecessary, forced diet: austerity, artificially created scarcity.

The Federal government (the Federal Reserve Bank) is planning to fight off a violent revolution against them, Goldman Sachs, the other banksters, and the current robber baron class.

None of this is at all necessary. Fixing this economy is as easy as one, two, three, but it does mean doing away with the private central bank. It requires re-nationalizing the nations fiat currency and pegging its value exactly to real productivity and using it to pay for full employment at great wages.

The New Deal worked swimmingly at putting people back to work. The libertarians just refuse to count public jobs as real employment is all. The people's government could put we the people to work constructing, among other things, the energy system of tomorrow today. Tens of millions of people could have good, safe, clean, interesting, fulfilling employment in bringing forth a 100% people-owned energy system all based upon clean sustainables that would result in completely free, limitless energy.

Think of not paying a dime for all the energy we need to do whatever. Think of all the heating and cooling and traveling we want without negatively impacting on the air or water or ground. It's doable. We just need bold leaders with real vision, not bought off money grubbers waiting to cash in once they leave the oval office and Senate chamber, etc.

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