"Mechanical Band-Aids: Press wrestles with techno-optimism while BP seeks to stop oil spill[leak]," by Curtis Brainard

Source: www.cjr.org

Tom Usher wrote or added | Thanks to Rose Aguilar for putting this link in one of her comments.

This piece shows the mainstream corporate-shill media's history of fawning all over the mega-rich oil industry (for advertising revenue and who knows what else).

When the US wanted to start offshore drilling, I thought it was insane. I've been against it all the way. After each major spill or leak, I said, "Told ya so." However, people don't want to hear what will supposedly cramp their style or perhaps their stock portfolios with oil-industry corporations more than well represented — greed and selfishness trumps brains and environmentalism, meaning a higher quality of life that's actually sustainable for posterity; but who really cares about one's children and grandchildren and their children when there's stock appreciation and dividends to protect right now. Oh, and who wants to buy an electric car, even though the General Motors EV1 was a great car and was fed by solar panels on the garage roof?

What happened to the EV1? The oil industry bought the patent on the battery and won't let anyone use it. GM pulled the leased EV1's and crushed them all and all the ones sitting waiting for owners and drivers. Only a few of them escaped. It was too good to be true to imagine that big oil wouldn't sabotage the best thing to come along to reverse the disaster that has been the oil industry supplying (forcing) gas and diesel, etc., onto the public.

The US could pull the patent from the oil companies after a thorough investigation of the sabotage job that has cost us the Gulf of Mexico leak. The government could also do a crash program that rather than make an atomic bomb like the Manhattan Project, would create a great pollution-free, and very safe car. That would be socialism though, so we can't do what's better. We have to keep being stupid so we can keep being capitalists so the ultra-rich can continue widening the income gap. That's liberty!

Chris 'Pie Rate' McCabe: 'Free' market, for some........

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