Members of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Free Gaza Movement, shot in head at close range | World news | The Guardian


Tom Usher wrote or added | Just let it go. Move on.

No, you apologize instead. Admit you were barbaric, even insane, and that you'll never do it again. Admit that you stole the land. Admit your war crimes.

"Nine Turkish men on board the Mavi Marmara were shot a total of 30 times and five were killed by gunshot wounds to the head, according to the vice-chairman of the Turkish council of forensic medicine, which carried out the autopsies for the Turkish ministry of justice today.

"The results revealed that a 60-year-old man, Ibrahim Bilgen, was shot four times in the temple, chest, hip and back. A 19-year-old, named as Fulkan Dogan, who also has US citizenship, was shot five times from less that 45cm, in the face, in the back of the head, twice in the leg and once in the back. Two other men were shot four times, and five of the victims were shot either in the back of the head or in the back, said Yalcin Buyuk, vice-chairman of the council of forensic medicine.
"...during the bloodiest part of the assault, ...

Sayyeda S Ja'fri Do you hear that whooshing sound, Tom? That's Israel's political career going down the toilet. It's game over for Israel. I hope the international community stands up, grows some courage and lands on Israel like a sumo wrestler!

Tom Usher

It's happening. However, I really do want the Zionists to turn and not be bloodied. Pray for them to see the light. Pray for all the Palestinians to want to be merciful and forgiving. Let's break the cycle of evil. Let's get the Zionists to want to live up to the highest law that we love our neighbors as we all ought to love each other: no harm but only beneficence.

I'm dead set against the sanctioning of Iran, even though I don't favor nuclear energy. I would much rather have seen them spending the same, or more, time, energy, and resources on clean, sustainable, alternatives. I'm dead set against the Israeli blockade of Gaza. I'm dead set against starving the Israelis too. I'm for getting everyone to finally be honest and stop all the wrong-side up imperialism.

Only inferior minds want to be that kind of imperial: elitist, egotistical, etc., served rather than serving humanity.

They have to stop using the less enlightened parts of their brain matter. They don't much use the frontal and temporal lobes. They lack compassion. Their hippocampuses are more damaged (shriveled; atrophied).

They can overcome it though if they will just begin the process, for once.

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