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Tom Usher wrote or added | "Israel has rejected a French idea that EU forces would check the cargoes of ships heading for Gaza to ensure they are not carrying goods Israel would consider a security risk. Bernard Kouchner, France's foreign minister, called the response from Jerusalem 'rather negative'."

Why aren't they talking about ending the apartheid regime? The Palestinians have a right to go back home where the Zionists who horned them out are squatting illegally — milking sympathy from WWII. Look at that Palestinian child's face in the accompanying photo. The Zionists did that because the Gazans want their land back that the Zionists have stolen.

Who's the global cop on the beat? The US claims the right to go anywhere and do anything; but it won't stand for the Gazans' land rights, and it won't stand up for even itself, what with the way it lets Israel and the Jewish Lobby (AIPAC, et al.) in America set US foreign policy, as if the US is the Zionist Regime.

Well, I am an American, despite the fact that the US is a lawless rogue stomping all over it's own Constitution and backsliding on its international treaties, and I say that I'm not on the side of the Zionist Project in their brutal, evil, ongoing deeds in Palestine.

No amount of idiotic speeches from so-called leaders saying that there is "no distance" between the US Bill of Rights and what's been going on in the US and Israel is going to change the fact that I speak for America as an American just as much as those bought-off, cowardly, pathetic "leaders" do at this point. I say there is a huge gulf between on the one hand, the ideals and values I was raised with and on the other hand, what Israel has been doing in Palestine and even what the US has done in Iraq and Afghanistan and so many other places.

Now, just try to tell me that I can't stand squarely against the current US foreign policy and administration, and I'll tell you where you're headed — it won't be Heaven — and I'll go right on speaking out.

As for the French, just get out there in the water with your ships and kindly request the Gaza Freedom Flotilla to let you check everything on their way to Gaza. If the Flotilla submits, which they should, and if the Israelis then still insist that those ships go elsewhere where the Israelis will illegally imprison the passengers and where the Israelis will withhold cargo and not return the passengers and crews and owners their personal possessions and the actual ships right then and there, then as a major European power, France, stand up in the world and say, "No" to the Israelis. What do you want, war?

If the Palestinians aren't given full, equal rights with the Zionists and the full and unconditional right of return (with the exception that they should pledge not to take vengeance), then the Zionists must not be supported, period.

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