Zionists in US Congress 'cool' to Iran sanctions waivers - Laura Rozen - POLITICO.com

Tom Usher wrote or added | There's plenty of haggling still to go on. It will be never-ending so long as sanctions remain.

This is not about nuclear nonproliferation. This is about Iran simply becoming a power (conventional) and supporting to varying degrees Syria, Lebanon's Hezbollah, and Gaza's Hamas but also Hugo Chavez and supplying China with 15-20% of its crude oil. Iran is the ancient remnant of a once huge empire, just as many current nation-states are.

The US doesn't want rivals and Israel wants to recapture its glory days of Solomon. Neither the US or Israel can become the one-world power though without renouncing selfishness.

The first peoples of the Earth who turn 100% to righteousness and stick with it will inherit the whole planet and be an acknowledge blessing on the whole of humanity.

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