Christian "Zionists" spinning scripture: "Is flotilla battle signaling start of 'Gog and Magog'?"


Tom Usher wrote or added | These people read into scripture what they want to believe, not what it really says. They leave out what they don't want to hear. The dark day of the LORD is not something to look forward to. Those who bring it on are not blessed. They are a curse to the real Israel.

Only a remnant remained of those called "Jews" in Palestine. They were cut in more than half.

Jesus said that blessed are the peacemakers, not the war makers.

These people also don't bother to tie-in that the Zionists are going against God by having not waited until the time was right to return in peace. They did not return when they had turned to God. They went led by atheists. They are attempting to change the times under false prophets who have heard nothing from God, and those are things scripture documents and prophesies never ends up working. That's why this wave of Zionists doesn't work — won't work.

The descendants of Jacob will not live in peace in what is called the Holy Land until they go there in peace to live there in peace and don't make war on anyone ever again. That's when they will have turned to the teachings of Jesus.
Jesus is greater than Ezekiel and Jeremiah and all the others. Why can't people see that? One can't read scripture even remotely correctly without putting Jesus over those prophets who temporally, never spiritually, came before him.

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