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Tom Usher wrote or added | "The Organic Consumers Association's 'Coming Clean Campaign' has been working to clean up the 'organic' personal care industry since 2004. Unlike organic foods, many personal care products are falsely labeled as 'organic'."

Unfortunately, foods labeled organic are not always truly organic; but that's another article. I'll just say here that "USDA certified" doesn't guarantee "organic" in the sense old environmentalists meant when they first used the term long before the first "organic" laws or standards were past. What I'm saying is that "USDA certified" doesn't mean purely organic throughout the entire supply chain. It should though.

It should mean pre-petrochemical. It should mean that if there's anything synthetic in the slightest, it's not to be certified organic. Avoiding it all now though has become all but impossible on account of the greedy polluters. We'd have to send the planet through teleportation with filters on it to screen out all the toxic crap produced since the beginning of the "chemical" industry or era. Now with nanotech and genetic engineering, the filters would have to be down to the smallest human messed-with substances and also be corrective or reversing since our very DNA is being further junked up. It sounds like divine intervention is in order.

This is the fault of voters for not electing representatives who will not be bought off by anti-organic, shifty, dishonest, uncaring, anti-environmental, anti-Christ (yes, anti-Christ), stinking, greedy corporations and others who will do everything and anything to get away with selling evil products and ingredients and fight against proper labeling so the rest of us cannot avoid their stinking evil without having to do extraordinary research, etc., even if that will work anymore.

Damn it. I mean that. I'm not swearing or cursing people. I'm cursing what they are doing. I don't want evil to work for them. If they want to make "gains" via evil, then I want their efforts to fail. There's nothing wrong with that. Of course, that means that if they hear it and refuse to stop the evil and since they are what they do, they'll be damned to a certain extent by their own actions, not mine for simply speaking truth.

Of course, we are locked into this evil system in oh so many ways. The greedy do everything they can to keep decent-hearted people under them. How does one live out from under them without being "underground" so to speak? One shouldn't have to live stealthily just to be able to live right. I hate it. I hate the system. I hate what the greedy ones have done to the world. They are all wicked and need to repent and atone.

To Hell with laissez-faire (let do capitalism) and it's caveat emptor (let the buyer beware). That's a stinking, lousy philosophy towards one's neighbors. Rip-off artists love it. As decent human beings, we are to look out for each other; hence, we are to be in favor of proper labeling. In fact, we aren't supposed to want bad ingredients in anything in the first place.

I'm not saying that people shouldn't be able to sell things to each other where the buyer has decided to trust the seller. I'm talking about where the buyer doesn't know the source and doesn't want to just trust whatever is on the supermarket shelves just because the stupid government has a bunch of sellouts running it.

Tom Usher

Oh, here's the article that got me to click on "The Organic Consumers Association," which I had been to before and do appreciate:

They're here too. Nine of mine Facebook friends have also "Liked" it:

By the way, you really don't need much "beauty" stuff anyway. When in doubt, don't use any.

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