Fault Mammon-Rich, Compassionless: For Hungry Kids, Summer Vacation From School Is No Break From Hunger

Tom Usher wrote or added | Trillion-dollar wars, record bank-profits, record bankster-bonuses, but our children go hungry... "If I were king of the world...." Have you heard that song?

Well, we are supposed to be sovereigns — each of us; but we choose as leaders those who can't see to it that not one of America's children goes hungry. What's the problem?

Feeding everyone would be easy. Even the children themselves could get into raising the food they eat. There's tons of land, plenty of air and water, plenty of good material (non-toxic) to compost and till into the soil, but the richest of the rich wouldn't be able to keep control and to keep the poor down anymore. That's the problem.

Don't fall for their stupid, "philanthropic" false-propaganda. They aren't working on ending the system that keeps children hungry, weak, sick, poor, and needy. They are just doing the Public Relations thing trying to fake everyone out.

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