If Israel were eating babies alive, would the US still support them?

Tom Usher wrote or added | Well, 98%+ of this has been widely substantiated. The remaining 2 or so % could probably be mostly substantiated. We might have some people arguing that some of the things aren't Zionist state-sponsored. For the Zionists' sake, I hope that's true, although I won't be holding my breath.

We might struggle getting enough hard-evidence for the tiny bit of the rest unless we could have unfettered access to witnesses in Palestine and elsewhere, but the Zionists and their sympathizer/accomplices around the world have seen to it that, that's nearly impossible even for billionaires.

The young man has a number of very valid points. I think he cares deeply about his fellow humans and would not be found to be anti-Jew, per se. He's clearly anti-Zionist, and there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, to be real, it's required.

Noah Anthony Russell

Chaos..israel sounds unorganized and chaotic. why does the U.S support them?

Tom Usher

So-called Christian Zionism goes way back to before the English Civil War.

The flipside included that Jews in general were not allowed to be in the trades. They became expert in what was left: merchandizing and money changing/banking. They'd almost always been into those. The Pharisees had major problems with Jesus over it.

Banking opened the door for governmental administration. Add too all of that, America's secularism, mixed economy where full-blown socialism is feared (Cold War), and America's combined imperialistic spirit and anti-rival/potential rival spirit translated into anti-pan-Islam, and you have the Zionists Project in the form of Israel as a colonial enterprise of the Anglo-American-Israeli Empire in the Middle East.

The imperialists in the US have never had a problem with supporting fascists, racists, and dictators, etc., so long as they were/are "our" fascists/racists/dictators. It was excused as expedient during the Cold War. Afterall, the gulags were seen as every bit as bad as, or worst than, anything the American elitists ever did or do.

After the Cold War, some Zionists thought that things would be able to change so that the US wouldn't support bad regimes anymore. It didn't happen because their former allies always had ulterior motives.

It pays not to be naive and gullible. The problem with it is that in order to get there, one has had to go through the process of losing one's guileless condition. Let that be a lesson to you, Noah. Bypass falling and jump right to the non-naive and non-gullible state. I wish I had. It's still better late than never. I'm still paying for it though.

Understand that being anti-Zionists doesn't mean the enemy of your "enemy" (as real Christians, the Zionists look upon us as their worst enemy) is your friend. Others whom the Zionists call enemy could also hate us for speaking and working to do real truth and also think of us as their arch enemy. We love them or we wouldn't bother speaking that truth. They don't want to see it that way though.

We go to the cross over it if needs be.

Peace to you, brother,