Israel Flotilla Attack: Suddenly, the Israel lobby discovers a genocide

Israel Flotilla Attack: Suddenly, the Israel lobby discovers a genocide

Tom Usher wrote or added | "How to account for these sudden confessions? A pang of remorse? A cleansing of the soul? I'm afraid not. These aren't confessions, at all. Rather, they are reminders of the debt Turkey owes Israel — and they come with teeth bared.

"Last week, four Jewish professors from Georgetown and Bar Ilan universities urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide. Take that, Turkey!

"How will Ankara react? Will fear of genocide recognition, which it considers a national security issue, eventually cause Turkey to soften its accusations of apartheid against Israel and become a compliant ally again?

"And what about the Armenians and their lobby? Aren't they guilty of their own cynicism for watching the flotilla feud and now thinking that the winds of geopolitics have finally blown their way? Will they cozy up to Jewish leaders suddenly eager to embrace their genocide? Or will they tell them "thanks but no thanks" and join Turkey in standing up for the Palestinian cause?"
I especially like how this article treats Abe Foxman of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL).
"'Our focus is Israel,' he explained. 'If helping [in a cover-up] Turkey helps Israel, then that's what we're in the business of doing.'"
What do I want? I want Turkey to call Israel's bluff and to do a mea culpa about the Armenians and to also sit down with the Kurds. It's the only way. I love the Turks. If I didn't, I wouldn't tell them they should do this. Once they do, they can then just turn right around to Israel and say, "Now it's your turn to apologize and repent for the Nakba."

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