Obama: War Criminal & Baby Killer: 6-9-10 Murder by Cluster Bomb: U.S. Behind December 2009 Massacre

Source: warcriminalswatch.org

Tom Usher wrote or added | How does Obama sleep nights? He sleeps nights because he never wakes up. He's dead of the Holy Spirit of truth. He's dead of that spirit, and therefore, exists in the dark. He's of the dark side, else he couldn't do what he does. No one of light could order the death of 21 children. Who knows how many of the rest were innocent or merely victims of the dark system that seeks to dominate the Earth to shroud it in ever greater darkness.

"On June 7th Amnesty International (AI) released a report and pictures of a US-manufactured cruise missile that carried cluster munitions.

"The remnants of the cruise missile pictured in the AI report are what was on the ground after a savage December 17, 2009 strike on an alleged 'terrorist' training camp in Yemen. The attack killed 55 people, including 14 women and 21 children.

"The Yemeni government claimed that it carried out the assault on al-Ma'jalah, in al-Mahfad district, Abyan Governorate. But shortly after the massacre, U.S. media reports indicated that unidentified U.S. government sources claimed that cruise missiles were launched on President Obama's presidential orders at two alleged al-Qa'eda sites in Yemen. This is consistent with previous attacks launched by the Obama administration. Obama claims he has the right to kill 'terrorists' anywhere in the world without any due process. These attacks have resulted in countless civilians becoming 'collateral damage.'"

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