Privatization Throwbacks: GOP Shields Angle And Paul To Avoid Making Them Face Of '10

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Tom Usher wrote or added | Privatization is Blackwater. It's the corporate takeover of roads, making them toll roads. It's corporations taking over everything that is now publicly owned, which means belongs to the people collectively by their government the managers thereof are much more subject to oversight (or should be) and changes by means of one-person-one-vote so that the poorest of the poor have at least as much say on election day (barring all the economic manipulation going into that day) as any plutocrat.

So, here we have Tea Partiers wanting to privatize the Social Security Trust Fund that was designed, among other things, to give people guaranteed pensions in their old age, something the vast majority of the working poor lacked before Social Security was passed into law. These Tea Partiers are throwbacks without historical knowledge of how things really were for millions, whose stories have gotten lost under the razzle-dazzle of the image makers who made the US seem as if everyone lived at least as well as the Cleaver family on TV. Well, they didn't, far from it; and they still don't.

No, the privatizers are shills (witting or unwitting) for the likes of the Koch brothers, who own and operate Koch Industries, a huge company that got it's start in oil and that wants as much laissez-faire (let us pollute) as they can get and for the lowest possible compensation package to their frontline workers.

The whole economic crash was designed to break the wage earners to make them fight for scraps when it used to be that their was a much fairer distribution. The gap between the compensation of the Fortune-500 CEO's and the lowest paid workers in the Fortune-500 companies was much smaller. Now that gap is apparently the highest in history. The CEO's and other top executives make the highest multiple of the bottom tier of workers in history. That's during this depression in which banks have made record profits and paid record bonuses while relatively speaking, lending has been nearly dead. What are banks for anyway? Interest or usury is utterly evil. Even if they were lending (the only reason we the people [I didn't] went along with our representatives in agreeing to bailout the banksters), it would still be evil; but they aren't even doing that. They've been even more evil than the lenders of old.

Anyone who doesn't know the whole thing is a scam to rape the masses is, well, living under a rock.

We don't need capitalism. We never have needed it. That's not to say that the pre-"capitalist" era had it right either. We don't need to go backwards to improve on capitalism. We need to go forward into the light of unselfishness and the giving and sharing all political economy — righteousness.

We don't need the banks, the bankers, taxes, or even currency. We just need to decide what we want. If we want everyone to have a decent house free-and-clear, then we can decide that and create it. The same applies to anything.

As for incentives, let humanity finally come to the realization that how well we all serve the whole and each individual is how well each of us is served and each of our groups is served and treated. This is why "do unto others" is right. More importantly though is to know how we each ought to be wanted to be treated, not how we think we want to be treated based upon fractured souls, fractured by abuse. Just look at the Zionists and how screwed up they are in their thinking. They do to the Palestinians exactly what they would be the first to whine about as anti-[fill in the terms: Jew, Semite] if it were done to them. They are so messed up that they can't even speak straight about Jewishness and Semitism versus Zionism.

Rather than do away with public Social Security, let's do away with the Federal Reserve System. Let's start by nationalizing the currency rather than having the utterly stupid privatized currency that are Federal Reserve Notes upon which we all pay taxes to pay interest to private parties that have done nothing but have their computer programs make an entries thereby creating their incomes out of thin air while the rest of us actually work — some very hard.

Let's immediately use our newly nationalized currency (United States Notes) to pay off 100% of the National Debt to relieve everyone of all taxes used to pay banksters and other interest. If anyone in the banking industry has been fraudulent, let's not further enrich them by paying them interest on their fraudulently obtained holdings; but let's not starve them either. Let's just let them down with a garden variety parachute. They don't deserve platinum, and we all know that.

Let's have full employment for the nearly 20% (U-6) who are out of work or underemployed in the US but want and need work and better work.

Let's have high-skills training for those workers and keep them permanently employed in rebuilding the infrastructure and in raising clean, healthy, organic crops, and in bringing forth clean, sustainable alternative power facilities where the food and energy will be distributed free to all the workers of the nation.

These are easy decisions. We don't need elitist bosses. We need people with brains and know-how who will be glad to make this all work because they know it's right and pay off for everyone and not just the greedy, violent, depraved few at the point of the now wrong-side up pyramid.

Let's flip and level that pyramid, just as Jesus said. What would Jesus do? That's what he'd do. Just read him. It's right there in black and white. God is Great! He's the Greatest! We just haven't ever done what's right. It's our fault for tempting each other rather than helping each other to overcome.

Greta Berlin

I went to school with both of those brothers. They are amazing jerks.

Tom Usher

A third brother had a real falling out with them. Did you know him too? Were you in classes with any of them? If so, I'd be interested to know the school and which subjects, etc., and what if anything, any of them said indicating they were, or would become, such laissez-faire monopolists.


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