State Sen. Pearce (R-AZ) is Wrong that No US guns go to Mexico; Obama pushes amnesty rhetoric every day

State Sen. Pearce (R-AZ) is Wrong that No US guns go to Mexico; Obama pushes amnesty rhetoric every

Tom Usher wrote or added | Pearce is so one sided. So many of the problems in Mexico have been caused directly by US foreign policy and practices that it's just disheartening to hear him go on without saying one thing about how a Good Neighbor policy would solve most of the problems.

He's totally wrong that most of the hi-tech weapons going to Mexico from the US are not a huge part of the problem. He's also wrong that Obama has been calling for amnesty and certainly not every day, although I realize it's a figure of speech and that Pearce said Obama's rhetoric suggests that amnesty is Obama's real position.

Personally, Pearce is sitting on stolen land. Polk's imperial war of aggression and expansion resulted in Arizona being taken from Mexico by force of arms. He really ought to think about the big picture.

Mexico has been hardened by US culture more than the other way around. The drug gang got it's start being trained at the School of the Americas of the US military. NAFTA has ruined millions of small farmers in Mexico. US banks took over the Mexican banks after setting them up to fall. The Bush administration election fraudsters also went down there to help insure that Lopez Obrador didn't win. It's really all a huge shame.

Greta Berlin

Read "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" if you haven't read it already

Fiachra Ó Luain

I witnessed that coup against popular will in 2006, disgraceful. Oaxaca still weeps with the rest of Mexico.

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