Terrible Liar: Nadler: Turkish Flotilla Directly Challenged Israel

Tom Usher wrote or added | Greta Berlin, a brave co-founder and spokesperson of the Free Gaza Movement, has pointed out that US Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) misquoted Greta by conveniently leaving out the word "illegal" from her statement. Greta has said that she said, "Our aim is to break Israel's ILLEGAL [her emphasis] blockade of Gaza."

Nadler also lied that Israel would deliver all the cargo less any weapons. The Israelis regularly refuse to allow through many of the items the Gaza Freedom Flotilla had on board and particularly cement, which apparently made up the bulk of the cargo by weight and possibly by volume.

Nadler also lied that the occupation began with Israel defending itself in a war of aggression waged against it in 1967. Israel started the '67 War. Every student of the history of that war knows that full well. It is a giant distortion repeated as part of the Big Lie tactic of the Zionists, along with so many other Big Lies of theirs (Israel is built upon Big Lies in fact), that the Arabs started that war.

Nadler also said we are ignorant of history. Well, we aren't all ignorant of the fact that the Zionists, of which Nadler is clearly one, used terrorism, ethnic-cleansing, war crimes, assassinations, threats, intimidation, bribes, blackmail, espionage against the US, attacks upon US ships (USS Liberty), operating as a domestic lobby when its lobby (AIPAC) is actually an agent of a foreign power in the US, and many other deceptive practices.

Nadler said over 10,000 rockets have been launched at Israel. Israel broke the last ceasefire. Hamas had very nearly stopped all rogue elements in Gaza from firing rockets. They were down to about one a month. No Israeli was even injured by a rocket during the ceasefire that Israel broke even after having violated all its terms in other ways as well.

Then another rabid-Zionist Congressman from New York, Anthony Weiner (D), chimed in saying that Gaza is terrorist, Lebanon is terrorist, Syria is terrorist and an agent of Iran, and that Iran is an enemy of the United States. Well, as you've no doubt heard before, one person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter. The Zionists stole the land, not the other way around. Also, Iran is not the enemy of the United States. Iran would get along famously with the United States if the US would stop being so damned imperialistic, greedy, warlike, and lewd.

Iran has it's problems, and I don't agree with many of its policies and practices; but it is not beyond negotiating and peace making and peace keeping. It does not have territorial ambitions in the sense that the US has wanted to be and still wants to be the global hegemonist.

Nadler thinks the Zionists had a legal right to go into Palestine and to take over and dispossess all the Palestinians who were there — 7 to 800,000 were turned into homeless refugees by the brutal, selfish Zionists. He thinks that the Palestinians should give up all claims to their land that the Zionists stole. Nader and Weiner are reprehensibly immoral.

Zionists subscribe to a wholly inferior level or standard of morality. It's disgusting. They sanction land grabbing and land theft when Nader and Weiner should be heavily criticizing the illegality and illegitimacy of Zionist claims on the land of Palestine.

Nadler says that if the Palestinians don't knuckle under to Zionist thieves, a gang of bandits, highway robbers are no worse, then the occupation will continue and it will be the fault of the Palestinians and not the Israelis.

Nadler's being idiotic if he thinks this will fly anymore with the decent-hearted people of the world who want the children of Gaza and the rest of Palestine to be liberated from the evil scourge that has been, and remains, Zionism — an ideology built upon Jewish supremacy that is clear racism against all of those they call Gentiles — meaning all non-Jews.

I say, thank God for those Jews who denounce this evil that is no better than was Whites enslaving Blacks as "subhumans" in the United States and elsewhere. The same people behind the Zionist Movement, but who claim not to even be Zionists, the Haredim (Orthodox Babylonian Talmudists) in Israel, don't even believe that they, the bloodline descendants of Judah, are of the same species as the rest of humanity. They hold themselves to be a bloodline-race apart and inherently superior such that the rest of us are to them as animals if that.

Zionism is not only ethnic bigotry, it's completely racist. It is certainly no better than was Apartheid South Africa and deserve no more support from the moral peoples of the world then South Africa received from them in the end before South Africa capitulated to decency rather than to the moral degeneracy that is racism.

Palestinians are not inferior beings. Arabs are not inferior beings. The rest of humanity is not comprised of all inferior beings to the Haredim in the Zionist Project. The Haredim are insane if they think otherwise. They are deluded if they think they are closer to God.

They want their animals sacrifices back as they were in the temple before Jesus came. They hold their traditions, their Talmud, to be teachings that in some cases are superior to God's own, as if they didn't misunderstand and misinterpret and deliberately distort God.

The Zionist Project is falling apart. The Orthodox there are milking the rest and the US. It won't last. It can't. They had no business horning into the territory. They even admit it amongst themselves but make twisted excuses claiming to be some sort of collective self-Messiah. Their actions give them away for the barbaric, racist ideologues that they are though.

It's time for the US to stand up for what is right vis-a-vis the Palestinians and to tell the Zionists, "No more."


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