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Tom Usher wrote or added | This is a timely and interesting article, albeit a bit thin in terms of defending one man's freedom fighters versus another's terrorists. I would imagine the blog has dealt with that before though in some respect.

Look at

You will see that Kahane fist symbol around. You find it with the Jewish Internet Defense League. Even though the US and Israel technically outlaws the Kahanists, they don't go after these people with anywhere near the energy aimed at Muslims. They let them morph around never renouncing their racism. If anything, Kahanism has vastly increased under other names since his demise. Avigdor Lieberman certainly fits the bill, and he's the Foreign Minister of Israel.

Anyway, the US Supreme Court upheld the law that disallows Americans from providing "material support or resources" to foreign terror groups on the list. That can apparently include expert scientific or technical advice. Define "expert," "scientific" and "technical" such that some overzealous, Zionist, prosecuting attorney in the US wouldn't twist to stop even clearly free political speech protected under the Bill of Rights.

Bruce Bartlett

Anyone that Dick Cheney says is a terrorist is a terrorist. And even if under torture he says he's not a terrorist, he still is as long as Dick Cheney says so.

Tom Usher

Hi Bruce,
I don't even believe in the One Percent Doctrine.
Didn't Cheney also torture just to throw the fear into whomever for empire sake?

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