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Tom Usher wrote or added | I saw this video over on YouTube yesterday and was amazed that Alan Simpson is let out in public to speak for the government let alone put in co-charge of making the recommendations for balancing the federal budget on the backs of Social Security promisees.

You hear and see here that Alan Simpson says out of one side of his mouth that he's not going to recommend balancing the federal general-revenue budget on the backs of Social Security retirees and then turns around and speaks out of the other side saying that they have to deal with the general budget deficit by including raising the retirement age rather than by the best means. Okay, so he says there are 15 proposals on the table in the commission meetings. Well, he's mentioned the one that is sure to be offered up, and that is cutting on the back of people who would otherwise have retired before 70 or whatever age, Simpson and his cronies pick rather than clawing back all the money stolen from the people's government by the banksters.

Alan Simpson knows damn well that the whole financial collapse was orchestrated for just this very reason, so the superrich banksters could devour huge portions of the national pie while people who have worked decades at manual labor, some of it very strenuous and taxing on the body (wear and tear), will get less and fight over lesser wages just to eek out a living if possible right up to the moment they expire.

Alan Simpson is an economic vampire and hit man for the superrich. He likes to use the term bullshit. Well, he's full of it.

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid would all work just fine going out into the future if the banksters and their cronies and henchmen were not in charge.

Entitlements should not be dealt with by some side committee. They should be sacrosanct unless put to a general, popular referendum. Only after considering all the other alternatives should Social Security be altered. There are plenty of alternatives, such as nationalizing the Federal Reserve System ASAP and doing away with all interest on the National Debt by doing away with that National Debt. All Federal Reserve Notes should immediately be declared interest-free United States Notes and use to pay off all debt with the exception of paying any of the fraudsters who deliberately crashed the system.

No austerity is necessary. It's all an artificial construct designed for the sole purpose of paying people who do little to nothing but sit around conjuring up other ways to get more of the pie for doing more of the same: little to nothing.

The world mixed economy is a Ponzi scheme. It's a fake, a fraud, unnecessary. We don't need this system at all. It's all a scam by the greediest of the greedy. Dump it.

Let them come down to Earth where they can live as the rest of us. That way, all ships will rise with the tide rather than those who deserve it least living in the clouds while those who work the hardest, who are more honest by far, live with the water rising with their feet chained to the ground and with the water being polluted by those living in the clouds who don't give a damn about anything until it hits them directly.

They are incapable of thinking with the more evolved portions of their brains. Their thoughts and feelings dwell in those areas that care the least about others. Others are the "lesser people," to repeat Alan Simpson's disgusting view of the masses of humanity called his fellow Americans. He means they are lesser because they have less in the way of financial means. They have less because others take more and then block the way to keep it that way.

They're evil-minded. Their hearts are cold, small, and hard. They should not be in charge.

The fact that Alan Simpson is co-chair of that group, as appointed by Barack Obama, speaks more volumes about Obama. He's a disaster. He can't handle Israel or end the wars or fix the civil-rights nightmare or stop the stupid oil leak in the Gulf.

Plug that damn thing, already! Idiots!!!

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