Twitter-Session Digest for: June 21, 2010

  1. Twitter-Session Digest for: June 15, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  2. What Canada is doing to Toronto for the G-20 is counterproductive. A police state creates violent anarchists. #

  3. Right when the Freed Gaza Movement is picking up, the Zionists in France and the EU have moved to block Gaza-based al-Aqsa TV from Europe. #

  4. al-Aqsa TV is controversial because it does glorify the violent struggle against the racist, apartheid, land thieves of the Zionist Project. #

  5. It's time for Hamas to use peaceful means against Israel. They will win worldwide support that way. Violent "resistance" has gotten nowhere. #

  6. The U.S. military claims it's cleaning up its hazardous waste in Iraq. The Pentagon will do nothing about the depleted uranium it spread? #

  7. If you had to pick the pound-for-pound worst human rights violating nation-state in the world, which one would it be? #

  8. Who shoots peaceful demonstrators in the face with teargas cannisters, imprisons thousands without due process, and has anti-Christian laws? #

  9. Who assassinates people under cover of passports stolen from other nations all over the world? Who murders civilians on humanitarian ships? #

  10. US neocons & Zionists are trying to re-shift the spotlight to Iran off Apartheid Israel. The Gaza Freedom Flotilla will continue to grow. #

  11. Iran does need to rethink it's policies and practices on a host of issues; but it is not pursuing nuclear weapons, and everyone knows it. #

  12. Mordechai Vanunu (a brave Jewish Christian) is imprisoned by Zionism for exposing the huge Zionist nuclear weapons program. Free Mordechai! #

  13. Anyone who complains of human and civil rights violations in Iran but doesn't denounce Zionism is a huge hypocrite, and that goes for Obama. #

  14. It has been reported that dozens of Lebanese women will be going on a Gaza Freedom Flotilla ship to Gaza in a few days. Hallelujah sisters! #

  15. 50 women who are Muslim, Christian, & secular (many from Lebanon) signed up for the cargo ship "Mariam" joining the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. #

  16. God to Tony Blair: Nothing but the liberation of Gaza will suffice. Hamas, they'll try to provoke you into rash errors. #

  17. Iran is sending another humanitarian ship to Gaza. The last was turned away by Israel & Egypt. Iran has the right & duty. It's not military! #

  18. Mainstream media, wake up. Gaza is not an enclave. Quit calling it one. It's bounded by the sea and by illegally occupied Palestinian land. #

  19. "troops killed nine...activists after they were set upon by...passengers with metal rods and knives" reportedly after troops fired first. #

  20. Robin Pomeroy & Mark Heinrich of Reuters are writing the lie that Hamas seized power rather than that they were elected & fought off a coup. #

  21. Reuters spewed Zionist false propaganda that the Mavi Marmara started the violence but said "demise" rather than "wipe Israel off the map." #

  22. Some nations fess up after many decades such as with the British concerning Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland. No Gun Ri? USS Liberty? .... #

  23. On No Gun Ri, Bill Clinton issued a "Statement of Regret." Where's Israel's admission they attacked the USS Liberty knowing it was American? #

  24. Who said there were no baby killers in Vietnam? #

  25. Hillary Clinton wants Honduras back in the OAS. Meanwhile, people just keep being assassinated there with no one held to account. #

  26. Offshore oil drilling never should have been approved. It's time for clean alternatives and not nuclear. Stop spending on wars. Fix things. #

  27. They haven't tried plugging the leak with something not runny. They pumped mud in but underwater and against huge pressure: sounded stupid. #

  28. It will be nearly two months before they get a relief well done if they don't mess up. Even then, how easily will wet cement fix it? #

  29. You've heard of the curse of oil. Afghanistan is cursed with minerals that greedy anti-environmentalists want. Ask Peruvian Indians. #

  30. Obama has rebuked the MMS for the same failings of all major regulatory agencies: revolving doors and industries self-policing: a joke. #

  31. If Obama has negative impressions of the MMS, then what about the banksters? They own the government and make the most important rules. #

  32. It's telling that US mainstream media floods us with Chavez cracking down on corporate TV, but Hezbollah & Hamas can't televise in the US. #

  33. The Voice of America — Part 2 The Treasonous Dollar Drain #

  34. Israeli pirates steal $3 million from Gaza Flotilla and used passengers credit cards to buy alcohol #

  35. AIPAC: The Voice of America — Part 1: The Orange and the Pea #

  36. Israeli Nazi Eugenic Experiments on Jewish children 1/5 #

  37. I'm now following @miftah_org #

  38. Targeted Citizen PART #

  39. Rush Limbaugh For Sale #

  40. Just As Many Americans Believe 9/11 Was An Inside Job! #

  41. "the aimed at forcing Hamas to...step down or recognize Israel." Hamas needn't recognize those who stole their land? #

  42. "Israel's December 2008 counterattack on terrorist strongholds in Gaza" Lie! Israel broke the ceasefire. It was no counterattack. #

  43. "years of ceaseless missile attacks on its [Isreal's] southern towns" Lie! Hamas nearly shut down all rogue rocket-fire (6/2008-11/2008). #

  44. "Israel has always been willing to compromise on territory" Why ask people to compromise with unrepentant people who have stolen their land? #

  45. Don't offer phony compromises. Repent. #

  46. "The Israeli...blockade of [Gaza] has not halted the flow of food and medicine." Zionists cut it way back & have dictated what types get in. #

  47. "Hamas, whose ruthless hold on the district was achieved by a bloody coup." Hamas fought off a coup backed by Israeli/US money & equipment. #

  48. Israel did everything it could to get Abbas to break with his Palestinian brothers and collaborate with the Zionists. #

  49. Jews have to decide whether or not they are on average closer to other Jews who are racists than they are to non-Jews who are anti-racism. #

  50. Blood is thicker than water, but which such blood is thicker than the Holy Spirit of truth? #

  51. Becoming anti-Zionist doesn't mean one is a fair-weather friend but that one has come to one's moral senses, no longer falling for the lies. #

  52. Becoming anti-Zionist doesn't mean one comes to support terrorists but that one sees Zionism for its racism and terrorism and rejects it. #

  53. My last series of tweets refutes "'Liberal Zionists' must choose: Hamas or Israel?" by Jonathan S. Tobin, Commentary. #

  54. "only the Turkish ship resisted violently; all the others were boarded without incident" Other ships' passengers reported commando violence. #

  55. Zionist said: "the sinking of a South Korean North Korea...was of 'great concern' to the Turkish...." False-flag attack? Could be! #

  56. Zionists, keep whining against the US for not doing every last thing you racists want and you'll whine yourselves into oblivion. Repent. #

  57. "How would Ankara react...if Israeli 'humanitarian organisations'... [ran] Turkey?" It's hardly analogous. #

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  62. Great Negative Stats on Zionism: Israel's Domestic Ticking Time Bomb - RLCC & Christian Commons #

  63. Terrorist Zionists in Israel say: Terrorist Zionists in Israel say: "Don't boycott Israel, you cultural terrorist" #

  64. Israel Flotilla Attack: Suddenly, the Israel lobby discovers a genocide - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  65. Non-violence: A tactic or a principle? - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  66. Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  67. Paul Prather: New atheists embody the very things they hate – Faith & Values – - Real Liberal Christian #

  68. Bush daughter: 'Health care should be a right for everyone' | Raw Story - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  69. Arizona: GOP Bill May Target Illegal Immigrants' Kids [US Citizens] - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  70. Privatization Throwbacks: GOP Shields Angle And Paul To Avoid Making Them Face Of '10 - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  71. Fault Mammon-Rich, Compassionless: For Hungry Kids, Summer Vacation From School Is No Break From Hunger - Real Liberal #

  72. State Sen. Pearce (R-AZ) is Wrong that No US guns go to Mexico; Obama pushes amnesty rhetoric every day - Real Liberal #

  73. Terrible Liar: Nadler: Turkish Flotilla Directly Challenged Israel - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  74. America War Crimes: Wikileaks Soldier Reveals Orders for "360 Rotational Fire" Against Civilians - Real Liberal #

  75. Obama: War Criminal & Baby Killer: 6-9-10 Murder by Cluster Bomb: U.S. Behind December 2009 Massacre - Real Liberal #

  76. This is just as serious as all the other extremely serious issues: Take Action with the Grassroots Netroots Alliance #

  77. PhysOrg Mobile: Swiss team plans to fly solar plane all night - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  78. If Israel were eating babies alive, would the US still support them? - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  79. Coming Clean: Natural Cosmetics / Organic Body Care Campaign - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  80. "How Do You Say 'Frenemy' in Turkish [or Hebrew]?" by Steven A. Cook, CFR - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  81. I rarely write on computer-tech. This blogger asked me to pass along his easy-to-use traffic-boosting site. . It's real. #

  82. Listening to Larry Wilkerson on the Real News Network, I'm surprised he didn't know Dick Cheney had set up Halliburton for his CEO slot. #

  83. Larry Wilkerson on TRNN is also echoing Hillary's nonsense about the embargo against Cuba not being the real reason for its economic woes. #

  84. Wilkerson:Cheney wanted new cold war with China #

  85. Wilkerson on Cuba #

  86. Wilkerson: Cheney and far right lead Republicans over cliff #

  87. Hezbollah and the modern history of Lebanon Pt9 #

  88. Video of firing squad execution chamber after Ronnie Lee Gardner put to death #

  89. Wilkerson on Cheney #

  90. Hezbollah and the modern history of Lebanon Pt.10 #

  91. On a whole host of other issues, including a fairly realistic view about Cheney and also Cuba, he's quite reasonable, as Republicans go. #

  92. I like it that Larry Wilkerson is for talking with "our" (America's) so-called enemies. That's smart. #

  93. Larry Wilkerson is definitely not a racist, and he's also no Zionist. Of course, Likudnik-Zionism and racism pretty much go hand-in-hand. #

  94. Wilkerson on Cuba Pt.2 #

  95. "Wait until the public finds out the oil fiasco was a false flag operation to pass Cap & trade and carbon taxes...." Total hogwash! #

  96. This is actually worth reading. All sides being honest makes one. "MSNBC's Matthews: Fear Mongering Over 'New Right'" . #

  97. Obama avoids negotiations with Iranian Shiites, Lebanese Shiites (Hezbollah), Syria, and Hamas so the US may continue imperial conquests. #

  98. "If we stomped down the door of...oil exec's...destroyed it [house]...fed...children poison, there would be uproar!!" . #

  99. Kevin Ovenden - The Tide is Turning on Palestine (part 1) #

  100. Virgin Mary ready to sail to Gaza #

  101. Eliminate the deficit & National Debt & save Medicare. For starters, slash the Pentagon, nationalize the Fed, and institute single-payer. #

  102. Eliminate the National Debt & save Social Security with interest-free United States Notes, full public employment, & high-skills training. #

  103. At this stage, it has only been rumored that "White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is calling it quits." Say it. #


  105. Obama's position is still weak. He's been bought off. Land theft shouldn't be rewarded. Zionists also need publicly to repent & to back off. #

  106. Hamas is falling for the propaganda ploy. They need to allow Abbas to visit and to make open promises, etc. Hamas should take advantage. #

  107. Hamas should take everything that is given. They don't have to pre-gree to what they don't want to accept as a final deal. #

  108. The more things open in Gaza, the less Israel will be able to re-close them. Just don't resort to violence anymore. Use non-violence only. #

  109. Why in the world haven't they probed the well-bore sidings for cracks? For Pete sake, probe it and go to the bottom of the bore and plug it. #

  110. Why in the world haven't they probed the well-bore sidings for cracks? For Pete's sake, probe it and go to the bottom of the bore & plug it. #

  111. Total Obfuscator: Alan Simpson: Cutting Social Security Benefits to "Take Care of the Lesser People in Society" | FDL #

  112. Cleveland's Future: Worker-Owned & Cooperative Businesses, by Gar Alperovitz, Ted Howard, & Steve Dubb - Real Liberal #

  113. Weak: Statement by the President After Meeting with BP Executives | The White House - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  114. Zionists collaborators in Lebanon: Lebanon forbids launch of Gaza-bound flotilla - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel #

  115. Updates from rig explosion hearings: MMS engineer admits he approved blowout preventer - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  116. Don't stop now: Israel bows to pressure and agrees to ease Gaza blockade | World news | The Guardian - Real Liberal #

  117. Rabid Racist Rand: Ayn Rand on Israel and the Middle East - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  118. Must Read: Newlywed couple: Officer blocked us from ER during bride's stroke - | Chattanooga News - RLCC #

  119. Keeping up with the false propagandists of the Hoover Institution: Keeping Up with the Jones Act #

  120. THE QUESTION IS .... WHO IS A TERRORIST? « Desertpeace - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  121. Franken-Alfalfa OK, Says Supreme Court - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project . #

  122. Dead On Arrival: Financial Reform Fails « The Baseline Scenario - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons . #

  123. Robert Reich (Why China's Currency Announcement is Hokum) – Real Liberal Christian Church . #

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