Weak: Statement by the President After Meeting with BP Executives | The White House

Weak: Statement by the President After Meeting with BP Executives | The White House
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Tom Usher wrote or added | "We've mutually agreed that Ken Feinberg will run the independent claims process we're putting in place. And [sic] there will be a three-person panel to adjudicate claims that are turned down. Every effort will be made to expedite these claims. Ken has long experience in such matters, including running the fund that compensated the victims of 9/11." This is Hell cometh. Ken Feinberg was a disaster. The legitimate complaints against how he sold the process were numerous. That's why Obama's team picked him, for his thick-skinned, thick-headed apologetics for the evil system.

"...until the Gulf Coast bounces back from this tragedy, as I know it will." Why in the world does he have writers (or did he ad-lib?) who are at-all focused on feel-good optimism at this stage in the oil leak? There are times and places for that; but throughout this ordeal so far, Obama has struck me as emotionally flat, even emotionally dead. Is that his impression of being "Presidential"? Where's the humanity? He mentioned Katrina and the current depression, he refuses to acknowledge is a masked-over depression, not a former recession; but he conveniently fails to connect how Katrina was made worse by governmental cuts and how the economic crash was deliberately caused by the people now surrounding him, who are doing the least they have to, to accomplish two things: keeping the people from revolting and keeping the superrich in place getting richer relatively to the rest.

Well, what ought one to expect from someone who says we won't hire lobbyists but turns around and floods the place with them and then turns around again and orders that his administration stop hiring them for board positions and such? It's worse than roulette. What ought one to expect from someone who in nearly all respects is simply a 3rd George W. Bush term? It's as if the planet is equating to intelligence Obama's relative flatness to George's more exaggerated glibness. It's not intelligence. It's lacking empathy, sympathy, compassion, and therefore urgency and bold, necessary action. His policies and practices on every issue are reflected in it.

He's hardly done a thing about prisoner abuse around the world in all the "secret" US controlled prisons holding thousands. His healthcare reform never once considered even beginning to examine the best healthcare systems in the world.

He wasn't elected by the privatization crowd (duped by the greediest of the greedy superrich), but he's let them gain the field again because Obama remained silent about the alternatives that were at one point supported by a sizable majority of Americans. He knew what he was doing on that. He knew he was marginalizing and diminishing and disenfranchising all those who were for single-payer who quite ignorantly voted for him.

Obama is the product of a combination of 1) people who believe that appealing to the "center" rather than moving the center (educating them) is better and 2) those who always fall for the line that the person running first as a lefty to gain the base and then who moves to the center to gain the center with them will come back to the left once elected. Well, he didn't come back. He's not moving either. He talks a great deal to momentarily placate. Then, memories fade, at least for some if not most so far.

It is a grave error to elect people who don't move the center to greater empathy, sympathy, compassion, and therefore urgency and bold, necessary action. It's not choosing wise shepherds but rather bought-off obfuscators who to scripted and stage-managed rather than real.

He's still surrounded by the banksters whose spirit caused the dark heart of the current system to manifest. It will bring only worse in the aggregate. That system has brought us the BP leak (hugely harmful pollution) and the wars in Afghanistan and elsewhere (wanton destruction and death of even the wholly innocent). It is bringing all the saber rattling rather than peacemaking. It protects the Likudniks and other racist Zionists, until it's time for the superrich to throw even them to the wolves too for more special, private privileges and advantages for those superrich, mixed-economy capitalists. The tribes can't be unified until every member turns, repents, and seeks to atone.

When will they ever learn? When will the people ever stand up?

Laissez-faire is not the answer. "Let do" only works when all hearts are for each and all and not self apart. Coercive socialism is a Band-Aid on selfishness. We need unanimous communism and not of the Marxist variety but rather the Jesus variety, which is the only true way. Everyone else remains damaged goods.

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