Franken-Alfalfa OK, Says Supreme Court


Tom Usher wrote or added | Wow, is this ever a moronic article by a certain libertarian, anti-environmentalist capitalist. The science clearly shows that the whole cycle of Monsanto Roundup and Roundup Ready crops and seeds is a disaster. Has Ronald Bailey read absolutely zero concerning all the farmers who hate Monsanto, especially in India who have been literally driven to suicide as a direct result of this evil corporation, Monsanto and their Roundup this, that, and the other? This Bailey person has zero appreciation for or understanding of the billions of years that went into the development of the balance of nature and the ecological web of life. Monsanto is not as a traditional dog-breeder for selection of existing traits. Monsanto is throw caution to the wind and engineer whatever grotesque, disease promoting, polluting product they can rush to market to corner it to death.

There's no doubt that this Ronald Bailey, if he's old enough, was an apologist for the American Tobacco Institute and all the lies and cover-ups about the known links to cancer and other diseases. He's likely an apologist now for BP, although I'd like to be pleasantly surprised to find out that he knows that proper regulations and independent oversight would have perhaps avoided the dreaded oil leak cause by the "hardworking [oil drillers] who want to use the latest technology to be better stewards of [our commons the oceans; commons so far but not for long if the privatizers and corporatists get their way] and lower costs?"

Better stewards my foot! Greedy, selfish, conscienceless, proverbial herd of swine is more like it.

Tom Usher

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