ISRAEL: "We deserve SPECIAL RIGHTS and we are above the law because WE ARE GODs CHOSEN PEOPLE"

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Tom Usher wrote or added | "Although leadership of the religious right in America is widely aware of ADL's boast that it was behind creation and passage of the potentially Christian-persecuting federal hate crimes bill, evangelical oracle WorldNetDaily rushes to agree with ADL/Israel in this dispute [the Gaza Freedom Flotilla]."

I don't entirely agree with the premise in this article that the "hate crimes" legislation is as onerous as the right-wing claims. It could be abused though, and I acknowledge that the article's author did use the term "potentially" in referring to persecution of Christians. Also, calling those who made weapons and used them "peace activists" is more than a stretch. Aside from those more glaring things, on balance, the article makes a number of solid points.

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