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Tom Usher wrote or added | Wow, I really hate Rolling Stone articles, but they get so much attention that in order to address the issues, one suffers through them. If writing the f-word over and over would win over hearts and minds to peace, Rolling Stone would be the Second Coming. Instead, it's the same old juvenile delinquent supposedly all grown up and ready to weigh in on geopolitics.

Well, let's get down to cases. Stanley McChrystal's Counterinsurgency Nation-Building has always been fatally flawed. I expressed exactly the same prophecy concerning Somalia where the Pentagon screwed up royally. The biggest mistake made was allowing the Pentagon to take the lead away from NGO's and the UN humanitarian efforts. Had the Pentagon remain subservient and strictly protective, eventually the humanitarian efforts would have paid off and the warlords would have come to terms.

What is wrong right now in Afghanistan is that the US has refused to sit down with the Taliban to work out differences to come to a mutually acceptable peace settlement. There is no doubt in my mind that the Taliban would come to what most sensible people would agree would constitute a reasonable arrangement, protecting all vital interests and securing greater general human and civil rights. This must be weighed against the huge loss of life, property, and money on all sides.

The way to peace is via peace, not war. Stanley McChrystal may be a mixed-bag who sincerely believes that even though he's doing the devil's work, he's doing ultimate good; but the people surrounding him did not join the military in the spirit that is required to bring about peace.

Perhaps McChrystal is confusing his position with General Douglas MacArthur's where MacArthur had already won the war and had a free hand in redesigning Japan's government. Perhaps McChrystal thinks that he can have his cake and eat it too. He can't.

Yesterday, I suggested that he's may be looking for a way out by getting fired. Whether he's looking for it or not, the slang use of the expression, "He's looking to get fired," still applies. He could be canned whether he wants it or not. I know what I'd do were I in the President's shoes; but then again, I'd have already solved the issues in Afghanistan. Wouldn't you?

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