Lost Blair: Raid put pressure on Israel

Lost Blair: Raid put pressure on Israel

Tom Usher wrote or added | Tony Blair is so out of his element. Things are driving him, not the other way around. He sounds lost.

The most important thing is full, equal human and civil rights in Palestine for the Gazans and other Palestinians — the whole of Palestine pre-Zionism. No full right to return, no deal.

However, Hamas should take a deal that gets them out from under the Zionists. I mean that when the deal comes along that the UN or EU be the inspectors for weapons, inspecting not where the Zionists have possessed the land, Hamas should take that deal.

Things can always change from there and would, provided the Free Gaza Movement presses on relentlessly — no fear.

Is the Free Gaza Movement in contact with the Iranians? They should come under the umbrella and openly state that they will not instigate violence and will rather abide by Free Gaza Movement principles. Otherwise, they'll be needlessly distracting from the cause and could make things much more dangerous for Free Gaza Movement peaceful people.

If the Zionists have a significant violent encounter with Iran, it will give them an excuse to be ruthless with everyone — something they're finally afraid of being right now.

Greta Berlin

We have no contact with Iran

Tom Usher

Have you considered attempting to elicit a statement from them that they won't do anything to prejudice the Free Gaza Movement's hard-won position? Of course, the first thing would be to invite them to come under the Movement.

It would be wise in my eyes that the Movement know as much as possible about the Iranian ship too.

If the Iranians end up refusing to play ball, there might come a time sooner than later that the Movement would have to issue a formal statement distancing itself from the Iranian ship.

That would be a delicate matter, as the Iranians do have the right to help the Gazans and may very well be on the up-and-up. I think they are.

They do tend not to bother too much with finesse though. Some of that is good, but the fact that they haven't contacted you to coordinate at all is not a good thing in my view. Maybe the Turks could help with that. I should think so. I should think they'd want to.

It makes me wonder when Brazil is going to send a ship.

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