Gilad Atzmon, Rich Siegel, Dan McGowan Event Canceled at Unitarian Church Due to Zionist-Rabbi Pressure


A search on "Atzmon" here doesn't bring up anything. Perhaps they will be updating their info or it's in PDF format or something. Let's hope they give verbal announcements in their church services this weekend.

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[a Facebook-group message from Rich Siegel]

Rich Siegel [June 25, 2010 at 7:34 PM]
Hi All-

Great news! There has been a reversal of the decision to cancel the concert/presentation and it will go on as planned, still sponsored by the First Unitarian Church of Rochester and the Social Justice Council, but at a different venue.

Here's how it happened- through Facebook! Many people sent e mails and made phone calls, and they all had a cumulative effect. One of my FB friends, Emman Chehade Randazzo, called Social Justice Council chairman John Keevert and found out that Keevert had been fed some propaganda about Gilad Atzmon; had been given some quotes by the rabbi which had been "cherry-picked" and taken out of context to make Gilad seem to be an "Anti-Semite".

I passed this information on to Gilad. Gilad phoned Keevert and convinced him that he is indeed not an Anti-Semite, and that it would really be a bad thing to cave to Zio-pressure.

So- we're on. Gilad and I will be at "The Flying Squirrel", 285 Clariss St., Rochester, NY at 7 PM on 6/29, and at Billsboro Winery, 4760 West Lake Rd., in Geneva, NY at 7 PM on 6/30.


1st UPDATE: The church graciously acknowledged receipt of my message below:

Your message

Subject: Rich Siegel, Gilad Atzmon, and Dan McGowan
Sent: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 11:00:41 -0400

was read on Fri, 25 Jun 2010 12:04:24 -0400

The following is self-explanatory:

I just emailed the following to the church:

To Whom It May Concern at

I received a message early this morning from Rich Siegel explaining that along with Gilad Atzmon and Dan McGowan, he was scheduled to give a talk and to perform some of his music there. Gilad would have played too. Rich explained that one, Rabbi Laurence A. Kotok of Temple B'rith Kodesh, apparently put in some evil words to you against the event, which words you swallowed.

Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon

Well, Rich is the creator of, and administers, a Facebook group called "On the Masada 2000 S.H.I.T list and lovin' it!!" Yes, that's a graphic but apt name because it's true. There really is such a group, and Rich really is glad to be on it. He takes it as a badge of honor coming from the likes of the rabid, yes rabid, Zionists who created and administer the website in question:

One wonders what the rabbi knows about this.

Anyway, Rich also posted to his group about the cancellation in the face of pressure upon you by that rabbi and perhaps others. No sooner than he had posted his information, which I encourage you to read, then one, Mark Klein, chimed in with a post stating, "Atzmon's obvious anti-Semitism disgraces the noble work of the Palestine solidarity movement. Shame." I want to share with you my reply that I posted there as direct commentary to Mark's accusation:

"Mark, you've just written that Gilad Atzmon is prejudice in particular against all descendants of Shem, an immediate son of Noah. That's a sweeping statement that you cannot support with facts. If you meant anti-Jew, you'd first have to define "Jew" in this case. Jew, per se, certainly doesn't mean pro-political Zionism. You'd also need to be prepared to confront the likes of me (not that Gilad couldn't handle you in a one-on-one real debate; I'm confident that he could and would), who will tell you that by leading the way in questioning the propaganda of known liars, Gilad actually shows more real love for humanity, including Jews, than do the Zionists.

"If you meant anti-Zionism, then you mean that Gilad should be ashamed and the Movement should be ashamed to be against the favoring and supporting of racist, nationalist, fascistic Jews who have stolen (and who continue to steal even as I write this) land from the Palestinians and have done that, and do that, by means of lies, deception, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, war crimes, torture, wrongful arrests, false imprisonment, assassinations, other various crimes against humanity, and even the threat of genocide in the face of a forced rollback of the blatant thievery.

"Are you being an Internet troll here, Mark? Are you a closet Zionist? Regardless, thank you for the opportunity publicly to refute your nonsense on this Facebook group. Are there any other places you've left such inane commentary I might visit to leave additional and factual rebuttals to your asinine statement? If so, please supply a list of links here. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to visit and to help others to see greater truth rather than your inherently morally inferior pro-Zionist propaganda."

Now, that's hardball, I admit; but it's merited. It takes some backbone to stand up to the Zionists. I encourage you all there morally to stiffen your resolve to confront head-on the lies of the Zionists. They are murdering the innocent, many children of God, in cold blood.

I recommend you reverse your decision and allow Gilad, Rich, and Dan to speak and to perform at your church as originally scheduled. I recommend you give a church-wide announcement to that end.

If you don't, it will not reflect well upon your church at all.

Peace and truth are the same things.


Tom Usher
Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons

Here's Rich's original message: [Note: I did not originally intend to put these email addresses and phone numbers in the clear, but I see that they already are in the clear on the Internet. If you contact any of these people, please do so in a manner that will reflect well upon the Movement to liberate Gaza and the rest of Palestine, etc.]

Rich Siegel sent a message to the members of On the Masada 2000 S.H.I.T list and lovin' it!!

Rich Siegel June 25, 2010 at 5:25am
Subject: Zio-pressure cancels concert, please take action!
Hello Friends-

I have just been informed that a concert and presentation that was scheduled to be given this coming Tuesday night at First Unitarian Church in Rochester, NY, by jazz saxophonist and noted Israeli Anti-Zionist Gilad Atzmon, and myself, is being canceled due to pressure from a local rabbi.

The concert was organized and promoted by Dan McGowan, founder and chairman of Deir Yassin Remembered, along with a second concert in Geneva, NY, which is going on as scheduled on Wednesday night. Dan was given two reasons for the concert cancellation: 1) that there were going to be activities in adjacent rooms and the noise level of the concert would interfere, and 2) admitted pressure from Rabbi Laurence A. Kotok of Temple B'rith Kodesh to cancel the event. Reason 1 was hardly believable, as the concert has been planned for about two months. Surely someone would have thought of this.

Dan was very smart and gave them the opportunity to have the event at a different venue, or to take the music out of the event and make it just spoken presentations given by the three of us- Dan, Gilad, and myself. He was turned down. So it is clear that the real reason for the cancellation is Zio-pressure.

The parties who are caving to Zio-pressure are as follows:

John Keevert, chair of local Social Justice Council, co-sponsor of the event. He may be contacted at 585-473-0295,

Ron Johnson, representative of First Unitarian Church, co-sponsor and venue for the event. I have two numbers for him at two addresses 585-381-3018 and 585-967-4946, not sure where he will be today.

The First Unitarian Church, Co-Ministers, Scott Taylor and Kaaren Anderson:

Tell them that this event must go on, either at the church or at another venue in Rochester- that they must not let Zio-pressure kick us out of Rochester.

The rabbi who has instigated this cancellation is Rabbi Laurence A. Kotok of Temple B'rith Kodesh. The synagogue phone number is 585-244-7060.

Rabbi Kotok's e mail address

A second rabbi at the same synagogue, Rabbi Rebecca F. Gutterman, may be contacted at

The synagogue's executive director, Joel Elliot, may be contacted at

The synagogue's general e mail address is (however it is clear that I am personally NOT welcome, nor is Gilad.)

Tell them that Jewish Anti-Zionists have the same right to free speech as everyone else, and that their attempt to squash our free speech is a disgrace.

Thank you,

-Rich Siegel

Here's another timely link about it:


"Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one."
Gilad Atzmon Concert Cancelled due to Zionist Pressure

by Rich Siegel

Action Requested

I have just been informed that a concert and presentation that was scheduled to be given this coming Tuesday night at First Unitarian Church in Rochester, NY, by jazz saxophonist and noted Israeli Anti-Zionist Gilad Atzmon, and myself, is being canceled due to pressure from a local rabbi.

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