A "get out of jail free"' card for Wall Street: Petrino DiLeo analyzes the financial reform legislation

Tom Usher wrote or added | Guess who's turning into the new worst President in US history because he promised pretty much the opposite of his predecessor but is delivering pretty much on his predecessor's promises?

Don't give me 'there's nothing he can do' talk either. Don't hand me that he's in a weak office without power. He never tried to use the power he has. He never went to the people and said, this is what I need you to do so we get single-payer and a complete overhaul of the financial system and an end to all the wars and for a crash program to develop clean alternative energy and to end genetically modified foods and to do all the other things, such as ending poverty in our time.

He hasn't stopped the torture. He hasn't freed the innocent. He hasn't rolled back the unconstitutional domestic spying. There's plenty else he hasn't done that he should have done with your vocal and coordinated help. Where's the outrage? He's still letting the Zionists get away with land-theft and literal murder. He never denounces a thing they do no matter how evil it is.

He's not doing the right things because he was and remains bought and paid for by those who are going to make him astronomically rich after he leaves the White House, and he knows it. He knows it because that's why he's ingratiated himself to the power elite, the plutocrats, from the beginning. He made a study of it. He was on Wall Street, and figured out his own little triangulation twist. He went to Chicago and acted like a Black activists just enough to get them to put him into position to then run for higher and higher office while he perfectly morphed into a White man — not just any kind of White man, mind you, but a greedy White man. Hell, I'm Blacker than he is.

You know why I'm Blacker than he is? I'm Blacker than he is because I care more about those Blacks in Chicago who gave him the boost to get him where he is now while he does nothing to end their unemployment and home foreclosures and having to pay higher taxes and higher consumer interest-rates and to go off to fight in his wars so his new friends, the greediest of the greedy, the plutocrats, can further widen the gap between their incomes and those Black persons he left behind back in Chicago. He's killing them while I want to liberate them.

As for the article, it's moderately good. It's good at giving a run down on what the President and House and Senate aren't doing and that's reforming anything that needs reforming. What it fails to understand though is that they aren't leaving any risks of another crash. There was no risk, per se. It was on purpose. The reason to close the doors is so they don't deliberately crash it again. That's the way to look at it and to talk and write about it.

I'll tell you though, you can't blame just Obama and the super elitists. You can also blame in a big way the airhead Tea Partiers for being so easily duped by the two-faced, forked-tongued, super-rich types like the Koch brothers, who push the stupid idea that laissez-faire is good for the little fry when all the Koch brothers are about is monopoly at the direct expense of those little fry. They don't care about you, Mr. and Mrs. Teabagger, Tea Partier, or whatever you're calling yourselves. They'll eat you up and spit you out taking everything you have.

Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal did more for the little fry than the laissez-faire crowd ever did. All the Ludwig von Mises types do is sit around conjuring up lies about the statistics from the New Deal. They twist and twist and twist in their anti-Christ way so that people who never read the other side just go around echoing all the same errors and when called on those errors, go silent but never change, or barely so. Every laissez-faire advocate with whom I've had a back and forth on the issue, when I've arrived at the point where I've handled each of the distortions, they've just stopped and never replied with anything countering the facts.

The ones who keep talking do so by changing the subject and/or ducking all the points. The ones who know they've been made, just quit and go silent, which wouldn't be bad if they'd change and see the light that Keynesianism hasn't failed. The failure was not in how much was spent but on what. It went to the wrong people is all. It went to the stinking, lousy banksters who caused the whole problem on purpose in the first place. Read the facts.

The banksters paid themselves record bonuses while their banks were not making a profit to afford those bonuses. Those bonuses were paid from taxpayer money from taxpayers who lost huge sums on account of those banksters. The money was used to consolidate, to buy up better but smaller banks, and to park at free interest from the Fed from the taxpayers (again) and to use for carry-trade profits that don't bring any real new value but just more of the new bubble they are already trying to inflate and then burst on all you repeat suckers.

Don't be fooled either by the stock markets. There's not nearly enough underlying value. It's all a house of cards. The toxic derivatives didn't get sorted out so that the real estate underlying individual mortgages could be used. The losses are all still there. They've been absorbed by your future incomes in taxes and higher interest rates and banking fees and taxes all going to those who raped you, Tea Party dupes.

Oh, the liberals are dupes too for the most part. Very few people know what's really happened. The bulk of the socialists are still thinking that the level of evil to conspire to do a deliberate crash can't exist. Very few grassroots libertarians will think in complex enough terms to deal with it either. The banksters who took their bonuses most understand the deal though, and their not about to ruin a "good" evil thing for themselves by sharing the inside scoop with the marks in the con game, you. Those at the top of the Ponzi scheme understand it completely though, and they'll do anything to prevent the masses from coming together to clean the temple.

They're the wicked money-changers in the temple Jesus cleaned out for a sign that such a generation and nation would be crushed for its evil and for a sign to the world that the whole Earth is to be clean, the whole cosmos is to be clean, every heart is to be clean of the stinking greedy spirit of the banksters and war-mongering Zealots or it falls.

Well, the human race may not deserve what its getting in some sense; but it's getting what it deserves in another for not standing up and standing together come what may.

Truth is the one and only right way. We don't have the truth from Obama. He's a con, a fraud, a fake, the scam artists' front man. Don't put him back in, and don't put in anyone from the neocon, libertarian mold either. Put in a real populist. Put in someone who will clean the temple and end the poverty and end the wars by making real peace that will be good for the whole world.

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