Finance Capitalists stabbing Germany in the back: "Merkel's stab in the dark" - Times Online


Tom Usher wrote or added | Growth in the securities markets, equity markets, is not, I repeat, is not synonymous with growth in real value. It has been synonymous with speculative bubbles that have always burst. Finance capitalism is a disease. Not curing it is utterly stupid. The finance capitalists caused all the current economic problems, and the cure is their undoing; but they buy the media to preach that the cure will harm those who are not in finance capitalism. It's lie!

Everyone who is not in finance capitalism would benefit immensely if finance capitalism were completely uprooted and replace by an intelligent, unselfish political-economy. Doing that would be very easy with the right anti-capitalist leadership not bent upon cults of personality and the like but rather really being unselfish servants of all.

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