That Old Liar, Shimon Peres says, "Terrorists now control the flotillas"

That Old Liar, Shimon Peres says, 'Terrorists now control the flotillas..'

Tom Usher wrote or added | 'Put pressure on Hamas, not Israel' 'Peres tells Austrian chancellor: Terrorists now control the flotillas.'

Shimon Peres says that the Zionists left Gaza voluntarily. Ariel Sharon left Gaza so there wouldn't be any Jews there when he would go to bomb it. All the mainstream media back before Sharon had his massive stroke that was saying he was a peacemaker, all of that media was full of crap. There isn't a peacemaker bone in Sharon's body. He was interested in one thing only and that was to grab as much land as possible before the rest of the world would step in to stop the Zionists from grabbing and keeping more or rolling the Zionists back to some degree. That's all there is to that, and Shimon Peres knows it full well.

Peres says he doesn't understand the flotillas. He blames Hamas for Israel's land grabbing by terroristic and ethnic cleansing means. Where's the MSM (mainstream media) ever putting it to Shimon Peres about the terrorist history of Israel and all of the well-documented ethnic cleansing? Where is that MSM asking Peres why the Jews who call themselves Zionists shouldn't have to give back the land appropriated by lethal, inhumane, and inhuman illegal and unethical means?

Then the obfuscating old-liar goes on to say that "Terrorist organizations — Hezbollah, Hamas and the Iranians — have taken over the flotillas and are not interested in peace, they are looking for provocations and conflict." Hezbollah, Hamas, and Iran have not taken over the Free Gaza Movement, far from it. The Movement is growing such that many, many nations and groups other than Hezbollah, Hamas, and Iran are in charge of the Movements efforts.

Regardless, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Iran have perfect rights concerning the flotillas and in seeking the lifting of the blockade of Gaza. The blockade is illegal under international law for the very reasons I cited above: Zionist/Israeli terrorism and ethnic cleansing that clearly extend into war crimes, crimes against humanity, and even aspects of genocide. Their is no doubt whatsoever that Shimon Peres and his gang have systematically deprived the Palestinians of their basic human and civil rights as members of the human race. Yes, being a Homo sapien sapien gives one certain inalienable rights, as stated in the US Declaration of Independence. In addition, the same rights extended under that spirit and in the US Bill of Rights are by and large reflected in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in most religions, including real Christianity.

I've seen repeatedly where the paid trollers of the Zionists, their trained hasbara, their false propagandists sent out to do everything to twist discussions into the ridiculous, have been saying that the American people would have to give back all the land to the American Indians. Well, certainly what the "Whiteman" did vis-a-vis the American Indians was in many cases reprehensible, but let us not forget that there were plenty of Peace Church members throughout who not only were Abolitionists but were also for fair and dignified treatment of their American Indian brothers and sisters, many who gladly joined the Christian Movement because they saw good in Jesus's teachings. More to the mundane point though is that the US government is routinely and correctly challenged on behalf of American Indians, who are legally entitled to enjoy all the rights and privileges of every other American citizen, regardless of ethnic origin. Clearly, the Zionist-Jews cannot make the same claim vis-a-vis the Palestinians, many of whom have given up violent struggle long since.

Also to the point is that America, while certainly being far from perfect yet, stands as the example to some extent in terms of written laws concerning indigenous people. There are reservations that were used to segregate the Indians; but today, show me where any Indian is any less protected by law* than any Jew in America. Technically, they have equal-protection rights along with members of all other ethnic groups. The same cannot be said in Israel about the Arabs or any other non-Jewish group.

Then the numbskull, Benjamin Netanyahu, is dragged into the article for more propaganda (perception-management) impact saying that "Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas, which want to return the world to the middle ages; which don't let their women dress, work or express themselves freely; whose women live in subjugation, and sometimes without basic rights and subject to violence — precisely those regimes are the ones organizing a boat of women as propaganda against Israel."

The women who organized the ship from Lebanon are a mixed group that includes Christians and secularists. They are not being organized by Hezbollah, Hamas, or Iran. Of course those groups want the blockade broken for a whole host of reasons. They are not a ideological or religious monolith though. More importantly, strict Muslims would forbid the mixed group of women to go. You will see by looking at the women that they don't all even wear headscarfs. Islamic women are not prevented from protesting in Palestine against the Zionists, but it is an entirely different matter for fundamentalist Muslim men to agree that a group of such women embark on a ship or large boat without any Muslim male relatives to sail from Lebanon to Gaza. That just doesn't sound consistent with their religious beliefs at all to me. I don't think Benjamin's handlers thought about that before having Benjamin spout off.

What is this Jerusalem Post site anyway? It's a propaganda format for racist Zionism, obviously.

So, Netanyahu's propagandists told him to say all that he did about Hezbollah, Hamas, and Iran and their women and the women of the flotilla ship from Lebanon. Think about it. Netanyahu wants you to stop caring about the children of Gaza living under the Zionist dark and evil shadow because Islam doesn't let its women work in stripper bars or to earn a living as prostitutes. Well, no, that's not exactly what he said; but you can see how easily the propaganda can flow in the opposite direction using exactly the same off, half-truth logic.

It isn't off, half-truth logic though to say that Benjamin Netanyahu and the Jerusalem Post are more than suggesting that it is okay what Israel has done to the Gazans because many women in Iran and Lebanon and Gaza aren't allowed to act as if they are Americans or Israelis. All things American and/or Israeli aren't good though, which is not to suggest that all things Iranian or under Hezbollah or Hamas are good. The point though is that we aren't to wait for Hamas to become perfected before we, the world, treat Gazans as people with rights equal to those of the Israelis, including to get back things stolen in war and conflict. Afterall, the Zionists went after the Germans and Swiss for money and items confiscated during WWII. If there was anything just in that, then there is nothing unjust about the Palestinians right of return with full, equal political rights.

In looking at the US again, let us remember that the US is not a one-ethnicity-dominates-by-law state. Israel is. Israel is an ethnically based, nationalist state by so-called law. Is there any other on the planet?

I am not more of a citizen of the US than any American Indian citizen. Any American Indian citizen of the US has just as much right as I do under the law, including to have so many children that the American Indians could come to be the majority of American citizens, not that I advocate breeding like rabbits on this finite Earth. I don't. Of course, in China, where they have had a one-child policy, their leadership has had to practice it also and the law apparently has been applied regardless of tribe of origin. I know that limiting the number of souls one brings to this Earth is the responsible and unselfish thing to do, but that's a different article.

* not in practice but in writing that can be used to take their claims to the Supreme Court, where they might not get a perfect hearing but would certainly not be left in the Gazans' position

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