They better: Massachusetts town to rethink school condom policy for first graders

Massachusetts town to rethink school condom policy for first graders

Tom Usher wrote or added | You people who think sex is just great for little kids are dumber than .... Make that more evil than ....

Okay, so the article isn't really saying that most of the people in favor of this policy are for first graders having sex. The point though is that first graders and sixth graders don't even need to be thinking about government, the people, thinking that it's okay on any level that they be engaging in sex whether or not experimental or consensual. Children that age aren't old enough to be making such decisions, and anyone tempting them concerning it should have his ____ cut off. Well, I'm a pacifist, and don't really want the government castrating perpetrators. I want all the stupid mixed-signals to the children to stop though.

Yes, some grade-schoolers will have been around undesirable influences who/that will have twisted the kid's mind such that he or she would actually ask a school nurse for a condom. That kid needs to be rescued. Those who tempted that child need help. They are sick. The disease has been spread around and needs to stop. Each person must get a grip on his or her loose morals.

Hedonism, sexual hedonism, is harmful, very, very harmful. It's a nasty, slippery slope into pain and suffering for all but the most numb who end up being fried all the harder until they too feel the pain they've inflicted. Even Satan ends up in the Lake of Fire.

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