They are killing the Earth: Gulf Emergency Summit: Latest Actions

They are killing the Earth: Gulf Emergency Summit: Latest Actions
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Tom Usher wrote or added | We've had the cover-up of 9/11. Yes, yes, I know. There are tons of lefties out there who bought the Bush bull that the CIA and Mossad, etc., had nothing to do with it — dream on.

We've had all the lies in the lead-up to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and Somalia and now Pakistan and Yemen and soon to be other places.

We've had the attack on Lebanon and Gaza. Yes, those are linked directly to the invasions by the US and NATO.

We've had the attack on South Ossetia (tied in directly).

We've had secret and not-so-secret attacks all over the globe by the Worldwide Attack Matrix teams.

We've had the continuing degradation of political and civil rights throughout the so-called civilized world.

We've had the financial Ponzi scheme planned, yes planned, collapse.

We've had the laundry list of broken Obama promises, not that I ever believed him. He struck me from the moment I first heard him and saw him as exactly what he is: a lying sack.

We've have the endless lies about Iran, a nation against which zero evidence has ever been shown to the world to support the accusations made against it that it has a nuclear-weapons program. The list truly is endless.

Here we are though with the Gulf of Mexico becoming the Gulf of Oil. The stinking, greedy pigs are poisoning the oceans just when we should be working to clean up the two, huge, floating islands of plastic garbage the same insanely stupid oil industry has created in the blue Pacific.

We have a President whose administration couldn't come up with even remotely decent mileage standards for new cars in the US. Where are those GM EV1's again?

Take that battery patent away from Chevron. If ever there was a National Emergency or a reason to invoke National Security or eminent domain (how about an existential threat to the whole of humanity) it's over the patent for that battery. The fact that Chevron owns the patent screams fraud. It screams Chevron defrauding the people out of their God-given right not to be polluted in the interest of corporate greed.

So, I absolutely hate you, Chevron. Turn or fall/burn in Hell, selfish, greedy, polluting monsters! You are no better than stinking Monsanto and its Bt corn and all the rest. You are no better than Goldman Sachs and its losing money for its clients by selling them what Goldman Sachs shorts. The list is too long.

Read this people, and think about it while the Gulf of Mexico is being turned into a dead-zone unfit for man nor beast of any kind:

To Hell with greed! To Hell with capitalism — mixed or not. To Hell with the Pentagon. To Hell with corporatism.

It's really time to think about pulling the plug on Washington, D.C., folks. You all, my Facebook friends, well most of you (amazingly considering there are so many "radicals" amongst you) have been supporting the utterly failed system that was built upon selfishness. Yes, yes, the Founding Fathers built upon a foundation of personal selfishness. You see what that's gained us now in the Gulf and in all the other disasters I've listed above and more.

Stop giving them support, and stop imagining that you're going to fix the problems from within the banksters' system. The banksters must be overthrown for their own good. The only way to do it is by coming together in the new Commons. Help me to do it.

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