Vatican Criticizes Raid on Belgian Church Offices -

Tom Usher wrote or added | Roman Catholic sacrilegious traditions have included, among many other utterly false doctrines such as Crusades and indulgences for the same, shuffling known pedophiles from one group of children to another. The Roman Catholic popes have brought secular invasion into what would otherwise have remained internal and private church affairs (confessional, pastoral, counseling, etc.) upon that church. Those popes have been very far from infallible in matters of faith. They have a long history of grossly distorting the teachings of Jesus Christ.

True Christianity is the salvation of the soul of humanity. The RC popes and their underlings who have chosen them to mirror the secular, hierarchical, imperial structure and political-economic system (most notably via an embrace of aspects of capitalism and regardless of the very weak RC doctrine of Distributism) have to be rejected as shepherds of the Christian Church.

The so-called Roman apostolic succession broke before the very first ecumenical council. Worldly greed, violence, and sexual depravity have been hallmarks of the Roman Catholic tradition.

Rejecting Jesus is no solution, but this Roman Catholic church has led many people to fall away from asking, seeking, and knocking for his, the real, solution: non-coercive and necessarily non-Marxist communism. Being "Orthodox" or "Protestant," per se, has obviously been no guarantee of correctness either.

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