G20 Toronto Black Bloc green lighted by Plutocracy to rampage!

Tom Usher wrote or added | We know damn well the police were involved in the Black Bloc and that other police were ordered not to touch the Black Bloc while the Black Bloc smashed and burned private and public property but those uniformed and un-uniformed police were ordered without cause to beat up and to arrest the innocent. Wow, are those frontline cops ever stupid to follow such orders — they really are.

This is not just to justify a large budget but to justify the plutocrats (private banksters) who actually own and control those police departments. This is to inform the people, including you, that they and you have no say and will conform. This is the stuff of which civil wars are made.

The plutocrats believe that they now have the technology to do anything they want to the people no matter what the people might come together to do. Well, if the people wanted to pull the plugs on the plutocrats, the people could do that. The problem with that though is that the plutocrats are capable of instantly ordering massive death and destruction without blinking. The people aren't as insane as the plutocrats, but they can be driven to it.

The plutocrats believe they have the pulse of the people's anger and just how much the plutocrats can push them before triggering a reaction and just how large that reaction might become. This is why Obama and the others are warning everyone that they will shut down the Internet used by the general population.

There is another Internet that would keep running for the Pentagon and all the Federal "enforcement" agencies. The top telecoms would follow orders to shut off phones too. The Pentagon would also jam all other communication attempts by the general public. This would leave the people without the ability to share information the way they can now. Even now though, the communications are spied on (illegally). The NSA is still listening to everything via their supercomputers even though they shouldn't be doing that. Only the plutocrats are to have privacy.

However, when things start to become unsettled enough, the plutocrats would fall apart soon enough. They'd have their internal struggles that would result in assassinations, etc. They are far from immune to their own intrigues.

This has all been prima facie evidence of agents provocateurs working within the utterly stupid violent anarchist groups on behalf of the planners of world plutocratic tyranny. There's no doubt about it. The G20 and G8 leaders and those who give them their ultimate orders could stop this sort of thing in an instant. They don't want to stop it. They want the peaceful protesters to shut up and to be too afraid to go out of their houses except to do exactly what those plutocrats want. Those plutocrats want to do away with national governments and replace everything with their corporations where money votes and where they decide who has money and who starves.

Even the massive oil leak is part of this. They are letting it leak. They could have stopped it. They are making this big deal out of that if they stop it, a new leak could start. Well, then why did they have a cutoff device down there in the first place?

If the leak goes on long enough, the whole regions economy will be destroyed except for oil drilling. How many millions of people will have lost how much? How many will be out of work? How many will be homeless? How many will become sick? How many children will miss their educations? They'll all have to move, but to where? What place can absorb them and afford it right now, thanks to the banksters?

This is all part of the plan to weaken and weaken and weaken the common, compassionate, less greedy, less violent people — the better people — so that the inferior ones, the ones whose moral compasses are broken, the sociopaths, the hyper greedy and selfish and stone-cold-hearted can just act more and more as feudal lords over the rest.

Well, I have news for them. They are going to fail and fall and fall hard. They are going to be ground into dust. There are forces at work beyond their wildest imaginations, forces that those plutocrats can't touch or see.

The wrath will come, and it won't be on the plutocrats' terms.

It's time to hold people to account. Canada needs to investigate and to come clean. Right now, Canada is a lackey. There needs to be a thorough and independent investigation into this. People as high as the chain goes need instantly and permanently to be replaced by their arch nemeses. It's either that or things continue getting darker and darker and darker until all Hell breaks loose, which it otherwise will.

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