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Op-Ed: Only Israel making the effort toward peace | Opinion |

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Tom Usher wrote or added | This opinion "Op-Ed" is really misleading.

Abbas met over and over and over with Israeli leaders. All he got was the runaround.

Arafat actually signed a major agreement. The Kahanists assassinated Rabin for it.

The Goldstone Report was very balanced and thorough. Abbas couldn't continue disagreeing with it and survive as the leader of Fatah.

At the same time Netanyahu is making statements that supposedly sound good to the West, he goes around to the illegal "settlements" promising the illegal residents that he will never make them leave.

Also, Abbas made the huge error before of taking money, arms, ammunition, and vehicles from the Zionists and US to start a fight with Hamas, which Abbas lost.

Hamas was duly elected. George W. Bush had no brains. He should have started peace talks with them whether Israel or the AIPAC wanted that or not.

If Israel wants peace, it will invite Hamas to the table with no preconditions such as renouncing violence or recognizing Israel. The talks should be as open and documented as possible. Then the world would be able to judge whether or not Hamas wants everything back and all Jews gone by force. Most people even on the far left wouldn't think very highly of going to that extreme were the Jewish Zionists willing to repent of what they have done and be willing to bend over backwards to atone. I'm not saying that the Zionist should stay where they are not welcome though. I just believe that Hamas could be merciful and forgiving in the face of Zionist genuine contrition and peacemaking efforts, etc.

One state is the only way forward. A demilitarized Hamas is extremely far from Zionist repentance for terrorism, land theft, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes, etc.

Tom Usher

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