Twitter-Session Digest for: June 30, 2010

  1. Twitter-Session Digest for: June 21, 2010 Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  2. Until I can travel to Gaza and back on the Gazan people's say so alone, I won't be satisfied. The US and Zionists should have no say in it. #

  3. Tea Party members are thickheaded. Deregulation facilitated the banksters. The oil companies are no different! #

  4. The commander of U.S. & NATO forces in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, is looking to get fired over a new Rolling Stone article. #

  5. Gen. Stanley McChrystal is either incredibly stupid or he wants to be fired so he won't be held responsible for his failure in Afghanistan. #

  6. It's either that or he's incredibly stupid and (rather than or) wants to be fired. #

  7. I wish the only people harmed by anti-environmentalism were the anti-environmentalists. God knows I'd like them all to turn though. #

  8. Franken-Alfalfa OK, Says Supreme Court - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  9. Dead On Arrival: Financial Reform Fails « The Baseline Scenario - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  10. Robert Reich (Why China's Currency Announcement is Hokum) - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  11. Why Do Black African Racial Stereotypes Persist in India? - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  12. Financial Regulation Conference: WRAPUP 3-Auto dealers to escape scrutiny in Wall St bill | Reuters - Real Liberal #

  13. Derivatives are a hotbed of abuses and bailouts, why are taxpayers footing the bill? : Veterans Today - Real Liberal #

  14. Finance Reform Legislation: Senate fix to nix bets on movie tix – Print View - Real Liberal Christian #

  15. Make up your mind: Presidential Memorandum–Lobbyists on Agency Boards and Commissions | The White House - Real Liberal #

  16. ISRAEL: "We deserve SPECIAL RIGHTS and we are above the law because WE ARE GOD's CHOSEN PEOPLE" - Real Liberal #

  17. My take: The Runaway General | Rolling Stone Politics - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  18. Obama to meet with McChrystal before making 'any final decisions' on dismissal - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  19. Siding with US District Judge Martin Feldman's ruling overturning Obama's moratorium on deep water drilling is insanely shortsighted. #

  20. "A majority of Americans still support offshore drilling." Stop asking the whole country. Ask only those living on the coasts. #

  21. "No one in their right mind can believe...a ship sent by...ayatollahs &...Revolutionary Guards do with humanitarian aid." I do. #

  22. "Israel imposed the blockade after Hamas...overran the..territory in June 2007." Stinking Liars! Hamas was elected in a free, fair election. #

  23. Lying Zionists, with US collusion, illegally funded & supplied stupid Fatah leaders in a coup attempt against duly elected Hamas. #

  24. Iran has just as much right to supply Gaza with humanitarian assistance as does anyone else. #

  25. Gaza civic leader Amjad Shawa: "We are not in need of more ketchup or mayonnaise. We need our freedom." Agreed! #

  26. Terrific rundown on Gaza stats by The Irish Times: #

  27. Gazans must be allowed to import & export & move freely for peaceful purposes and not under Israel's control at all. #

  28. I'm not for boycotting BP just until the leak is cleaned up & all wells have acoustical switches. I'm for ending offshore drilling, period. #

  29. I'm not just for ending offshore oil drilling. I'm for ending all oil drilling. We need to get off the oil. #

  30. There are enough existing wells to supply the plastics, etc., while we urgently transition to a green, real economy. It's an emergency. #

  31. If you want to win in Afghanistan, you'll sit down & come up with a win-win bringing lasting peace. Otherwise, you're just in the way. #

  32. Israeli Soldiers using Palestinians as Human Shields . #

  33. More footage of Israelis using Human Shields in Nablus . #

  34. Israeli soldiers greeting Palestinian women . #

  35. Israel Soldier _Palestine Girl . #

  36. Israeli army 'used human shields in Gaza war' - 9 Feb 09 . #

  37. "...'ick factor'...was not an indication of personal aversion," said Mike Huckabee. What's the point? I have a personal aversion. #

  38. What are they talking about? Billions have a personal aversion to the homosexual act, & there are homosexuals who are turned off by women. #

  39. "Ick" or "icky" are standard slang terms that children have used for decades & decades to describe their reaction to something, ... icky. #

  40. Most children initially find sex an "icky" concept regardless of whether it's heterosexual. #

  41. Most heterosexual adults are repulsed by homosexuality; otherwise, they'd engage in it and not be heterosexual. What's the problem? Wow. #

  42. This "ick" hit on Huckabee . sounds like a whole lotta nothing. #

  43. I just read a psychologist, Carlotta Longhi, equating aiding changing from homosexuality to aiding committing suicide. Wow, stupid! #

  44. Where are the bad photos of Sarah Palin? Why do those who hate her show her beaming and looking good according to Republican standards? #

  45. I'm not advocating bad pictures of Sarah Palin. I'm just wondering what's going on, as in they want to run against her or she's been chosen. #

  46. I mean chosen, as in the media elitists have receive their marching orders at least for the pre-primary season. #

  47. Now just who do the richest of the rich want for the next US President? Is Obama doing their bidding well enough? No tough questions. #

  48. He won't stop the wars, banksters, oil companies, nuclear plants, unemployment, etc. They picked him for you because that way, they eat you. #

  49. MK Yochanan Plezner, chair, Israeli delegation, Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly: "...less politically correct to support...Israel." #

  50. Of course it is becoming less politically correct to support Israel. Who can support ethnic cleansing land thieves & racist war-criminals? #

  51. "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" [Paperback], by Ilan Pappe" . Commission Proceeds to the Christian Commons Project #

  52. "Belgian lawyers to charge Barak and Livni for war crimes" #

  53. I don't want to just pull out of Afghanistan, I want to make peace with the Pashtuns. Understand? #

  54. The US screwed up in Somalia in the early 1990's. America doesn't have to continue being stupid in Afghanistan. Bring in the peacemakers. #

  55. Let the peacemakers take the lead for once in history. Let the top US peace-movement leaders talk with the Pashtuns for the US government. #

  56. Bull: D8 Video: Apple CEO Steve Jobs on the Foxconn Suicides | D8 Conference | AllThingsDigital - Real Liberal #

  57. Great mini-interview with Ilan Pappe on his book, "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  58. Fascist Israeli Soldiers and Settlers Attack Palestinian Village Near Hebron - International Middle East Media Center #

  59. Intimidating Supporters of Palestine: US Fear Factory Kills Free Speech – Infoshop News – Real Liberal Christian Church #

  60. Lost Blair: Raid put pressure on Israel - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  61. On: "Critiquing Masculinity [and XXX Pornography] at the [Marine] Corps," by Robert Jensen - Real Liberal Christian #

  62. Netanyahu says ships to Gaza are to get weapons into Palestine. The real reason is to free Gazans from land-thieving, racist Zionists. #

  63. Lebanon has granted permission for a Gaza Freedom Flotilla ship to go to Cyprus. It can then go to Gaza. Will Cyprus allow it? #

  64. Longest tennis match in history at Wimbledon today: 11 hours and five minutes. Wow, that's a long match. #

  65. "Immigrant farm workers' challenge: Take our jobs" That's a strange idea. If they go, wages will just go up for the same work. #

  66. There are homosexuals trying to say being tempted makes one homosexual. Jesus was tempted by the devil. Does that make him what he refused? #

  67. If you ever considered robbery, does it make you a robber even though you rejected the idea? #

  68. If you ever took something that didn't belong to you but have repented and don't do it anymore, are you still a common thief? #

  69. Gilad Atzmon, Rich Siegel, Dan McGowan Event Canceled at Unitarian Church Due to Zionist-Rabbi Pressure - Real Liberal #

  70. Harry Shutt part2 . #

  71. Harry shutt part1 . #

  72. Kindra Arnesan - Quoted on PBS Newshour 6/23/2010 . #

  73. Escaping Death Row: Innocent after 9 years in shackles . #

  74. Julian Assange - Oslo Freedom Forum 2010 (Part 2 of 2) . #

  75. Press TV-On the edge with Max Keiser-Max Keiser speaking to Loren Howe-06-18-2010(Part2) . #

  76. Julian Assange - Oslo Freedom Forum 2010 (Part 1 of 2) . #

  77. Right wins big in Colombia . #

  78. Secret experimental city challenges China one-child policy "success" . #

  79. Press TV-On the edge with Max Keiser-Max Keiser speaking to Loren Howe-06-18-2010(Part1) . #

  80. 100 top toxic air polluters in USA . #

  81. Understand the sign that the images of the birds covered in crude is meant to impart? They are the man in orange with his wired arms out. #

  82. Press TV-The Real Deal-06-20-2010(Part3) . #

  83. Press TV-The Real Deal-06-20-2010(Part1) . #

  84. Press TV-The Real Deal with George Galloway-06-13-2010(Part1) . #

  85. Press TV-On the edge with Max Keiser-Max Keiser speaking to Loren Howe-06-18-2010(Part3) . #

  86. "It's BP's Rules - Not Ours." . #

  87. Press TV-The Real Deal with George Galloway-06-13-2010(Part3) . #

  88. Gulf coast Birds in Oil: AP video . #

  89. Keiser Report â„–50: Markets! Finance! Scandal! . #

  90. Press TV-The Real Deal-06-20-2010(Part2) . #

  91. Keiser Report â„–49: Markets! Finance! Scandal! . #

  92. Keiser Report â„–51: Markets! Finance! Scandal! . #

  93. Climate Crock Sacks Hack Attack: The Wrap . #

  94. Press TV-The Real Deal with George Galloway-06-13-2010(Part2) . #

  95. Gold's a bubble. #

  96. Twitter Settles with FTC on Failure to Protect Consumer Info | Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  97. That Old Liar, Shimon Peres says, "Terrorists now control the flotillas" | Real Liberal Christian Church #

  98. America Can't Solve Crises Because It's a Company-Owned Town | Black Agenda Report | Real Liberal Christian Church #

  99. A "get out of jail free"' card for Wall Street: Petrino DiLeo analyzes the financial reform legislation - Real Liberal #

  100. Is Germany's Government Headed for a Breakdown? – Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  101. Russia considers stronger powers for KGB's successor – Yahoo! News – Real Liberal Christian Church #

  102. Birds frozen in oil: image of a desperate summer – Yahoo! News - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  103. They better: Massachusetts town to rethink school condom policy for first graders - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  104. Finance Capitalists stabbing Germany in the back: "Merkel's stab in the dark" - Times Online - Real Liberal Christian #

  105. BP, et al., are covering up: Kindra Arnesan – Quoted on PBS Newshour 6/23/2010 - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  106. Extremely Weak Finance-Reform Legislation: "House, Senate Lawmakers Finalize Deal on Bank Bill" - Real Liberal #

  107. Where Science and Society Lost their Way – By Loren Howe - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  108. Obama is talking Keynesianism still; but so far, he hasn't put the money in the right places: public jobs for full employment now! #

  109. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says most "illegal" immigrants entering Arizona are bringing drugs. She's spreading lies. Is she an ethnic bigot? #

  110. Soon to be former Gen. McChrystal's staff is making excuses claiming Rolling Stone violated rules. That staff is a bunch of violent babies. #

  111. Belgian police drilled into Roman Catholic bishop's tombs for pedophilia documents. The Popes critically injured Christianity's reputation. #

  112. Roman Catholics must not leave Jesus but rather find him and be found. Read Jesus. Listen to him, not divergent clergy, including popes. #

  113. All my Tweets during the last six hours are not showing up (censored?) in Twitter search results on Twitter. #

  114. Do this and my tweet of a few minutes ago doesn't show with the rest. Why not? #

  115. Stated reason for missing search results: #

  116. G20: Interview with Toronto Mayor David Miller . #

  117. Real News journalist attacked at G20 . #

  118. Progressives and Obama . #

  119. Hands Across the Sand - Washington DC . #


  121. George Galloway reports that 2 Gaza Freedom Flotilla ships are on their way from Lebanon. They are sailing as you read this. #

  122. Paikin on police attack against peaceful protest . #

  123. G20 Exposes Ontario 'Martial Law' . #

  124. JFK and RFK: The Plots that Killed Them, The Patsies that Didn't [Voltaire] - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  125. Gulf oil leak – A hole in the world | Naomi Klein | The Guardian - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  126. How I went from committed lesbian to a happily married mother of four | Mail Online - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  127. Gulf oil spill: Could 'toxic storm' make beach towns uninhabitable? – - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  128. Vatican Criticizes Raid on Belgian Church Offices – - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  129. Kenneth O'Keefe Says it All, Must See Video [Mavi Marmara; Gaza Freedom Flotilla]: Gilad Atzmon - Real Liberal #

  130. Leaving a real legacy: Beyond the spin and the smokescreen: Pedestrian Observer GB - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  131. Toronto gets "secret" arrest powers ahead of G20 protests | Raw Story - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  132. ELDEE'S "ONE DAY" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  133. They are killing the Earth: Gulf Emergency Summit: Latest Actions - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  134. Good Digging: Press TV-On the edge with max Keiser-06-25-2010(Part1) - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  135. Methane and Martial Law in the Gulf of Mexico – Auburn Journal – Real Liberal Christian Church #

  136. Must Listen to Higgs Running Away: Antiwar Radio: Robert Higgs vs. James Galbraith | ScottHortonShow - Real Liberal #

  137. Wow! Libertarians just don't get it at all: Guest Post: Is UTA's James Galbraith A True Economist? - Real Liberal #

  138. G20 Exposes Ontario 'Martial Law' – Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  139. Paikin on police attack against peaceful protest - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  140. Poll: Tea Partiers Want Gov't to Protect Manufacturing Jobs, Impose Tariffs to Safeguard Environment . #

  141. I'm now following @the_ecologist #

  142. The only reason for austerity is banksters. The banksters are using governments to squeeze others so those banksters can get even fatter. #

  143. A beginner's guide to permaculture . #

  144. Soak the rich. We don't need banksters or their banks. All we need to do is let them down gently. Goldman Sachs paid 1% in taxes in 2008. #

  145. G20 Toronto Black Bloc get green light to rampage? . #

  146. Big banks failed and were bailed. They've swallowed other banks that didn't fail and should have gained all the business for being better. #

  147. Save Social Security: Raise retirement age; raise SS taxes; means test; privatize. Mundane ans: Raise taxes on superrich; maybe means test. #

  148. Save Social Security: Raise retirement age only after raising taxes on the superrich & maybe implementing means testing. Do not privatize! #

  149. BP Slick Covers Dolphins and . #

  150. Adm. Mike Mullen said the only thing he knows of is Iran's facility at Qom. That site hadn't reached the point where Iran had to divulge. #

  151. It was only conjecture that Iran was going to produce anything at Qom in secret. Zionists just started calling it a "secret" facility. #

  152. There's zero proof Iran was going to hide it from the IAEA, and Mike Mullen knows that. He's just saber rattling for the Zionists: psy-ops! #

  153. Associated Press reports Canadian Civil Liberties Assoc. action on G20 police-state but didn't report do-nothing police on the Black Bloc. #

  154. Toronto Police attacked peaceful protesters but just watched the Black Bloc go by damaging private property: Conspiracy! Say it! #

  155. The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) reportedly takes Israeli advice, etc. 10 days ago, they killed 12 Turkish soldiers in Turkey: not smart. #

  156. If the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) wants a fully recognized Kurdistan, they need to stop killing Turkish soldiers and rather make peace. #

  157. Hamas, know this: once Gaza is liberated, the world won't support Sharia over or under Halakha for the residents of Palestine/Israel. #

  158. The US lies about anything for global domination: 9/11 & bin Laden (no proof); Iraq & WMD (none); Iran & nukes (no proof); now North Korea. #

  159. The 1st-time home buyers credit and the census jobs went. What did they expect on Wall Street? We need permanent, public, full employment. #

  160. We need to stop taxing the poor and lower-middle class, and we sure don't need the regressive VAT in the US. #

  161. How about we do away with personal taxes and just have a progressive corporate/business tax: sliding-scale, no deductions? #

  162. How about we do away with the whole system of usury & taxes/tribute? Let's go with treating everyone as family making family choices. #

  163. The US House is scrambling now with a 3-month extension of the homebuyers credit. It's not a systemic fix. Jobs!!! Public work/jobs.... #

  164. The US accepts help from 12 countries & "international organizations" on the oil leak. It's about time. #

  165. They need to rescue sea life, take it in, clean it up, and release it in clean waters wherever. #

  166. Why would Snowe, Collins, & Brown protect banks ($50+ billion assets) & hedge funds ($10+ bil.) from a fee to cover regulations? Bought off! #

  167. Police Tasered woman (87) hooked to oxygen lying in bed because she pulled a knife when they wanted to take her to checked for an overdosed. #

  168. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (BOE) replacement name for Minerals Management Service (MMS) Oh brother #

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