California Therapist Association Pressured to Disbar Members Who Treat Unwanted Homosexuality: No Patient Choice to be Tolerated

Tom Usher wrote or added | If for whatever reason, people go from and heterosexual attraction to a homosexual attraction, then why do so-called "professional experts" insist that people cannot go from homosexual attraction to heterosexual attraction or that doing so is harmful? Why do they say that it is not harmful to become homosexual but that it is harmful to become heterosexual?

Don't you all think those "experts" are either stupid or lying or both? I do. I know it for a fact. It's prima facie.

It's obvious that there's a huge group (mostly on the "left" but many also on the "right") that refuses to be honest about this while they clamor for "honesty" in so many other areas of public and private policy and practice. They aren't consistent. It's an undeniable fact.

People do change from same-sex attraction to opposite-sex attraction. You will see more and more of it happening too. Watch. Mark my words.

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