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Tom Usher wrote or added | Where's the Berlin Airlift for these souls, these children who are wholly innocent of the sins of anyone's father?

By the way, I'm sharing this link on Facebook from one, Dennis Brasky, who happens to be a Marxist and atheist or agnostic or whatever.

I'm saying this here because as far as I'm concerned whether Dennis knows it or not, he's closer to my God (Jesus's God) in my view than are the self-styled "Christians" who don't give a damn about these suffering children, suffering solely on account of the selfishness of political Zionist who have stolen vast swaths of Palestinian land with the full collusion (illegality) of the imperial European powers and the biggest head right now on the Imperial Beast (that's the same one mentioned in scripture, in case you didn't know), the United States of America, which won't remain united even in name for long if the American people don't start being real brothers and sisters to each other and to the rest of the human species of the planet.

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