"Sinking Ship: The attack on the Gaza relief flotilla jeopardizes Israel itself," by John J. Mearsheimer

Source: amconmag.com

Tom Usher wrote or added | John Mearsheimer is a solid political scientist. He's also become completely un-intimidated by the Jewish/Zionist/Israeli Lobby in the US. That's thanks to those who went before shouting anti-Zionist facts! John knows this of course. He'll give credit to those who braved it long before John's article (and book and nevertheless brave) in the New York Review: http://en.wikipedia.org/wi

Here's what everyone needs to know that I've said many times before. The US will ditch Israel faster than they can turn their heads to see what's happened if Israel becomes too much for the US to defend. There are Israel-Firsters in the US, but the US is made up of Americans who are not by a long-shot Israel-Firsters and won't be and should never be. Now, if the particular iteration of "Israel" of which we speak here were consistent with the values of the US Bill of Rights, then the Americans would support and defend Israel as a true ally. The Zionist Project though has not brought forth any such entity with which the vast majority of Americans, once they learn the facts on the ground and how they came to be, can identify with any sense of solidarity but rather the contrary.

This isn't Americans being fickle. This is the grassroots waking up to the deceptions inflicted by the bought off elitists in the highest places in US government, which needs to be cleaned out. The government is corrupt. The system is evil. It requires replacement.

Some people in the US advocate violence to accomplish this. I do not. It is not necessary or possible to use violence to replace evil with goodness. Only voluntary conversion to righteousness will bring forth more of the same.

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