Twitter-Session Digest for: July 2, 2010

  1. Twitter-Session Digest for: June 30, 2010 - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  2. Gulf oil spill's mental toll [suicide] takes a solemn turn – Gulf Oil Spill – - Real Liberal Christian #

  3. The link between BP, geoengineering, and GM – The Experiments – Real Liberal Christian Church #

  4. Ellen Brown is one of the saner voice: "Who Will Pay: Wall Street or Main Street , The Tobin Tax or the VAT?" - RLCC #

  5. Italian PM: Israel "will probably react preemptively" on Iran [and then suffer the consequences of evil] | Raw Story #

  6. TORONTO G20 – THE SHAPE OF [EVIL] THINGS TO COME – Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  7. G20 Toronto Black Bloc green lighted by Plutocracy to rampage! - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  8. G20 Black Bloc Video Still.jpg with commentary - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  9. Devils Brought This: BP Slick Covers Dolphins and - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  10. Op-Ed: Only Israel making the effort toward peace [such a lie] | Opinion | Jewish Journal - Real Liberal Christian #

  11. WHITE HOUSE: Dozens of U.S. Citizens on Assassination List #

  12. Obama appointee to manage BP's oil disaster fund said there isn't "enough money in the world" to pay all claims. Then all the people own BP! #

  13. Palestinian homes under threat #

  14. No right to freedom of assembly says 900+ arrests #

  15. The Arrows Next Time #

  16. Wachovia, Wells Fargo caught funding Mexican Drug Cartels - Bank of America also implicated #

  17. No-go zones along the perimeter fence in the Gaza Strip #

  18. To Err is Forgive Divine #

  19. Day 1: Amazon to the Gulf #

  20. Police Provocateurs revisited SPP-07 G20 2010? #

  21. Alex Jones: The Meaning of Life #

  22. Ralph Nader Addresses Alex Jones #

  23. BP Gulf Oil Spill Devastation #

  24. BP Oil Spill Effect on Wildlife #

  25. Gold values: talk it up, what you hold becomes worth more (in most imaginations). It applies to anything. You still can't eat it though. #

  26. The Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) of the EU's Human Rights Agency wouldn't know a fundamental right if it hit them in the head. #

  27. To the FRP: It is a fundamental right for someone to be able openly to say that same-sex "marriage" is an example of "degeneration." #

  28. The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling against a campus "Christian" group means any minority group can be voted out of existence by opponents. #

  29. Dearborn Police: Defending Islam against the Constitution #

  30. Oil industry water, ground, and air polluters are whining about the EPA following through on warnings they'd shut down dirty refineries. #

  31. They are whining that shutting down polluters won't be good for the economy, as it pollution is good for the economy. Fund green industries! #

  32. David Miller, Mayor of Toronto, Canada, is a huge liar! He knows the Toronto police facilitated the Black Bloc as a false-flag operation. #

  33. Toronto police stood by watching Black Bloc anarchists destroy property. The police then attacked these people instead: #

  34. What happened in Toronto, Canada for the G8 & G20 was just as fascistic as anything that has happened in the US. The fascists compare notes. #

  35. "Independents swinging strongly toward GOP" Those who swing back & forth between failures deserve what they get. Try doing the right thing. #

  36. Suicide bombers kill 35 & wound 175 in Pakistan, but who were they? Who put them up to it? Why do Muslims bomb Muslims when the US is there? #

  37. Franklin Delano Roosevelt is ranked the top president in U.S. history. Act like it, Obama. Out do him on public jobs, training, & works. #

  38. When Russian spies get caught, they go to jail and court. When Israeli spies get caught nowadays, they go to Israel or get off scot-free. #

  39. "speaks poor English, looks nervous or is traveling in an overcrowded vehicle": grounds for "reasonable suspicion" in Arizona: racists. #

  40. Torontonians gather at police HQ to condemn abuses #

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