WHITE HOUSE: Dozens of [innocent] U.S. Citizens on Assassination List

Tom Usher wrote or added | Look, Bush knew how to get elected. He used two main tactics: 1) cheating and 2) appealing to "Christian" conservative dupes. Obama knew how to get elected without even cheating in the sense Bush did. He appealed to liberal dupes. It's that simple. Bush laughed at the religious right. Obama laughs at the left.

If you create two columns, one where Obama and Bush differ and one where they agree, the one where they differ is minuscule (and not even genuine) relative to the one where they see eye-to-eye in matters "Presidential." They are virtually ideological twins. They are both evil liars out for the superrich over the rest of the people.

Pay particular attention where Glenn Greenwald says that when the people on the hit list are truly examined as to guilt or innocence, many come up as innocent. Without due process, Obama will have already murdered them — just the way Cheney likes it.

Oh, and for those who may stumble without warning, this video contains the f-word.

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