AZ Gov Jan Brewer Loses Grip; Talks About Immigrants and "Beheadings" « SpeakEasy

Tom Usher wrote or added | Well, if there have been such "beheadings," it should be a simple matter for Jan Brewer to cite some documentation for her claim. How long ago is she thinking these beheadings happened? How does she know that they were a result of a porous boarder? One body with a missing head in the desert months or years ago is not a pattern for sustainable fear-mongering.

You'd think her handlers would have heard her make this claim before and would have anticipated that she'd be called upon to cough up something to substantiate the claim tying the incidences to common Mexican people needing work.

They've been put out of work largely due to NAFTA and other neo-liberal, supposedly laissez-faire, arrangements that have benefited the greediest of the greedy at the direct negative expense of the rest of humanity and the very planet.

Of course, Jan doesn't give a damn about that.

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