Dangerous: China Air Force Steps it Up | The Diplomat

Tom Usher wrote or added | "... with an ongoing modernisation plan that will see all legacy aircraft types replaced by modern and much longer ranging replacements, the PLAAF will in numerical terms become the strongest air force in Asia, with the largest fleet of 'tier one' fighter aircraft globally, should the United States pursue its current plan to downsize and reduce the capabilities of its tactical air forces."

If we don't work on peace, not only will huge quantities of resources be literally wasted on unproductive (dead end) weaponry, we can look forward to the next major war or WWIII (hot war between major powers). The current course of the world's powers is plain stupid.

The US got the Chinese to turn to a high-bred economy, a mix of market socialism and a social market economy (with some early aspects of Wild West libertarianism that is being reined in). They haven't made up their minds exactly; but one thing is for sure, they are still dominated by a one-party dictatorship that does not guarantee the rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution. We American's were promised back when that if we engage the Chinese on this "capitalistic" plane of market economics that the Chinese middle class would bring in American style democracy. What's changed since the Tiananmen Square Massacre in this regard? The Chinese middle class has not been openly clamoring for a multi-party democracy or the political rights that need to accompany that. In fact, the US itself has been going in the wrong direction by making third-party entries much more difficult.

This article is a Military Industrial Complex advertisement calling for the US to up the costs for China just as it did for the Soviets. One problem with that is that China is vastly richer than was the Soviet Union because US and other outside-China investors have plowed so much money into China. China is not on the same brink as was Russia, although it does face huge problems on nearly all fronts that often go ignored for the very reason of outside investment. Speaking the truth about China's rush to the American Dream would burst the various bubbles before the plutocrats are ready for the mainstream to know — when it's too late for the little fry and when those plutocrats have already made off as the bandits they are, just the way they made off with hundreds of billions of American-taxpayer dollars.

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