G20 stupidly commits itself to more "neoliberalism"

Tom Usher wrote or added | This is pretty good, but there are some points with which the more astute observer should take strong exception: 1) that neoliberalism is never about starving people (even indirectly but nevertheless intentionally or at the very least, wittingly) and 2) that the people behind the people behind the people behind the people, meaning those (the plutocrats) behind those behind the main economic advisers to the heads of state, were caught flatfooted rather than having set up the whole affair so that they could short and long the various positions, get out with their profits in time as insiders, etc. We saw this clearly with the combination of Henry Paulson as Treasury Secretary, Alan Greenspan as Fed. Chairman, Goldman Sachs, and John Paulson, which John Paulson was handpicked by Goldman Sachs to likewise handpick the coming failures (a sure thing, given Greenspan's prior work to help the bubble along despite his earlier professed deep understanding of "irrational exuberance" that he conveniently forgot — wink, wink) and Henry Paulson's work as Treasury Secretary where he leveraged fear and threats (veiled or otherwise) to get Wall Street's (Goldman Sachs's) way by way of the bailouts with tax payer's general, US income-tax revenues. What a scheme that all was, and remains, and which is actually never ending, as we are in the process of staging the next bubble, which will burst for sure.

These things are definitely known but censored. They are deliberately avoided in the mainstream because the last thing the greediest of the greedy, the plutocrat banksters, want the common people to understand is that those common people could see through all of the plans and actions of those plutocrats and put nearly an instant stop to all of it simply by choosing the wisest (most idealistic), shepherds for managing and coordinating the affairs of the house that is planet Earth.

This would mean doing away with people ruining others financially to gain market share and replacing that evil system with a wholly cooperative system where the object is to do the very best for each individual and the whole of humanity at the same time — definitely doable.

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