Please vote for WordPress search returning paged-post results

I've requested that WordPress search return paged-post results. Google doesn't handle them, but Yahoo apparently does. It's strange to me as a WordPress administrator that I have to go out to Yahoo to do a search that will return the URL's with the page numbers appended.

If you like this idea for WordPress to add this, maybe you all could vote for it over at http://.org/extend/ideas/topic/have-wordpress-search-handle-the-wordpress-quick-tag#post-17439.

The subject line of that submitted idea is "Have WordPress search handle the WordPress quick tag: nextpage"

WordPress search doesn't handle the WordPress quick tag: <!—nextpage—>

For those who don't understand the significance of <!—nextpage—> , placing that anywhere in a post text body results in a page break. It's very helpful for long posts. You can learn a little more about it here:

WordPress search results only returns the first page in a paged-post. I am requesting that WordPress search return the paged-post result such as if the search term only shows up on URL/2 (that would be page 2 of the post), then the actual search results will return /2 rather than only the main post URL or 1st page where the reader will not then find the search term in the post text. I trust that makes sense.

Thank you, and please vote for this idea.

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