Appeals court rejects Obama administration bid to continue moratorium on drilling

Tom Usher wrote or added | Should Obama take a page from Andrew Jackson on this one? "John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it!" Wouldn't he win back some environmentalists if he'd stick with it? Where's the "national security" aspect? Who's in charge of Environmental Protection? Do oil-company stock prices trump the health and safety of the whole Gulf region and beyond? They ought not to.

Louisiana's Governor Jindal said, "The reality is that we absolutely want drilling to be done safely and do not want another spill or one more drop of oil on our coast or in our water, but thousands of Louisianans should not have to lose their jobs because the federal government can't adequately do its job of ensuring drilling is done safely."

If the oil industry can't do the job without leaks and the government can't be everywhere fulltime to insure that they do, then absolutely all such drilling should stop. The people thrown out of work should be aided, but the rest of the people and the environment should not be made to suffer even worse in especially the long run for the sake of a greedy, filthy, antiquated industry. Put all of the unemployed to work doing whatever that's needed so they may eat, but move them into creating a clean energy system ASAP.

It would be easy if the people would just stop listening to the bought-off politicians like Jindal and just start demanding modernization into an ultra-clean, ultra-efficient, public-utility system.

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