Challenges everyone's commitment to open discussion: "The Racial Supremacist State of Israel"

Challenges everyone's commitment to open discussion: "The Racial Supremacist State of Israel"

Tom Usher wrote or added | This will challenge your commitment to open discussion.

I still get twinges that David Duke is at the very least nostalgic for the days of White European Supremacy in the US and elsewhere; but if I'm wrong about that, I invite him to disabuse me of that and will stand corrected. I get the hint in his very subtle statement about every ethnic group having the right to preserve itself and its culture, etc. I don't disagree with that, but I detect that if the tables were turned, David might not mind ethnic cleansing so much. Again though, if I'm wrong, I invite him to refute me and rebuke me.

It is not my place to deny David Duke turning and repenting of his days with the KKK. Everyone has the right and duty to repent of one's past errors. If he's done that, then more power to him.

That said, there is absolutely no reason to deny the facts of what he's saying about "Jewish" Supremacism. It is a fact. To deny it is actually a sin.

I am an avowed anti-Zionist. I am that based upon the combination of facts and morals. I do not like one bit the double-standard of the United States government in this matter. There is no good reason whatsoever to support the Zionists in their project that is diametrically opposed to the US Bill of Rights and the UN Declaration of Human Rights. (Those documents in spirit are acceptable. The implementation of their letter leaves a great deal to be desired however.)

Anyway, it is wrong to censor David Duke in the public square. It is wrong just to shut him off without letting him have his say and then having to respond to current circumstances, meaning there is nothing wrong with putting very "tough" questions to him to probe his heart for traces of exactly what he is complaining about concerning the Zionists vis-a-vis anyone and especially Blacks.

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