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Thanks to Chris 'Pie Rate' McCabe via David Cronin for this link.

Concerning the main, linked article, they're formalizing what they've been doing for years anyway. The European people haven't been careful enough about what power and authority they've given to whom. The same applies to Americans. Seeing every SWIFT wire (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) allows the US "intelligence community" not only to look for supposed terrorist's money transfers but also to piece together private but completely legal business dealings. With such information, that "intelligence community" can do deeper industrial and corporate espionage for US-centered Big Business. Not much is said about this, but it's a huge aspect of US so-called intelligence — finding out trade secrets and slipping them to buddies in US business. It's leaked only a couple of times and been almost successfully flushed down the memory hole.

If you're interested in one bit that leads me to say this, here's a link from 2000, "I spy an ally: All is fair in the world of espionage, even eavesdropping on your friends," by Duncan Campbell, Wednesday 15 March 2000. The Guardian:,3604,181794,00.html It makes clear that the spy agencies are used for the Military-Industrial Complex, which is the banksters' with their power over the purses of the corporations and US government. Also check out my brief article from June 29, 2007, "EU, US REACH DEAL ON FINANCIAL SPYING,", in which I mention that this allowing the US to see European citizens' private financial transactions running through clearing or settlement houses has been publicly known since at least 2006 (as also stated in the linked article

I'm saying it would be extremely naive of anyone to believe that immediately following 9/11, the European leadership didn't open up all the way to the CIA and NSA, etc. We know, for instance that Europe was cooperating with all the "extraordinary renditions," allowing CIA and other flights, carrying so-called "unlawful combatants" not allowed any due process of law whatsoever and many of whom were completely innocent, to land and refuel on their way to various other torture chambers and dungeons, etc., some of which were right in Europe. It was never supposed to come out, but it was leaked apparently by European and American "intelligence" and other personnel aghast at the utter depravity of the sociopaths and sadists in intelligence ranks going right to the top that included George W. Bush, who with his buddies I might add, reportedly used to get his jollies by shoving powerful firecrackers up the anuses of frogs in Texas, lighting those firecrackers, throwing those frogs high in the air, and watching in sick glee (laughing his head off) as the frogs blew apart. That was the man many Americans voted for, for President. Then they wonder why the US is going to Hell in a hand basket.

There's no end to the collusion of Europe and the US. Just look at the recent G20 Summit in Toronto, Canada, where civil liberties were completely and unconstitutionally disbanded while the heads of state met to compare more notes and to get on the same page, which they have done more than the mainstream media is allowed to express. The Obama "quantitative easing" is to continue to avoid deflation while the Germans, and therefore necessarily Europe, will tighten up to avoid inflation.

That "quantitative easing" would have worked very well had the new money been applied to what we all call "Main Street." Rather than that though, it was used for banksters to pay off their underlings in the form of record bonuses for a job "well done": raping the people via taxes ultimately directed to those plutocrats. It was used to consolidate the holdings of the biggest banks taking over better but smaller banks. It was used to be parked at the Fed to earn interest for doing nothing but parking it rather than circulating it via lending. Lending was the bait while Henry Paulson made the quick and preplanned switch, after he got up off his knee to Nancy Pelosi, who had to have the cover of seemingly fighting the banksters. The tens of trillions in taxes, now and future, could have gone directly into improving the quality of life for every member of the planet. Instead, the ranks of the poor have swollen, and the superrich exponentially have magnified their evil.

What I've heard from absolutely no one else is that Obama and Merkel are being two sides of the same coin. You see, with the austerity program being pushed by Merkel, the rich benefit and with the more-stimulus charade of Obama, the rich benefit. In either case, the poor and lower-middle classes, and really the middle class too, do not benefit but are harmed.

Now, if Obama had done real stimulus in the form of using all the money (that was created and given to the banksters) to put the unemployed to work on public works projects, then there would be no false choice between Obama's and Merkel's approaches. The people would have employed each other through their own taxes, and the recession/depression and unemployment would have ended nearly overnight.

This is easy, contrary to the self-styled "rank-and-file PhD economist operating within a central banking system," Kartik Athreya of the Federal Reserve, who claims that "Economics is Hard." and here and here (this one made it go somewhat viral) Tyler Durden does too much name calling without taking apart the arguments of his opposition. He's preaching to the choir in that case. He's assuming everyone already knows what he does and will just laugh right along with him. It makes for easy, fast, and numerous posts; but it doesn't really educate much. To be fair, I have seen him write probing, analytical pieces. I'd like to see him turn to doing more of that, not that I agree with his ideology.

Economics is not hard. Economics is easy. The banksters simply deliberately complicate things with endless jargon and secrets and lies. Even Adolf Hitler apparently rather quickly put over 6 million back to work in depressed Germany. His mistake was doing it in building up the German military again. If he had put the same amount of energy and money into peaceful pursuits, we might all be speaking German, as the old saying goes; but the world would be a much better place than under the people who tell Kartik Athreya what to do or else.

Look, after you read this Kartik Athreya, just consider that he is saying that no one is allowed to know that peace is easy because people graduate from West Point afterall. Do you see the point? Unless you study psy-ops at the doctorate level and publish in military "peer-reviewed" journals, then you have no business saying that war is evil and peace is easy for those who know it. As for the oncologists mentioned by Athreya, well, they are dealing with the horse after it's out of the barn. Is Kartik Athreya saying that everyone who says to eat healthfully and to steer clear of carcinogens should shut up because he or she hasn't studied radiation treatment and chemotherapy sufficient to receive a specialized MD? If so, he's an idiot.

Doing away with the Federal Reserve would be as easy as a majority in both houses of Congress voting to nationalize it and Obama signing it into law – done. Renationalizing the currency the way the Constitution has it would be equally as easy. Paying off the National Debt and using all the tax dollars now for peaceful and productive purposes that are now going to interest to the banksters would also be just as easy. Pegging the supply of money to exactly the rate of growth in productivity such that there would be zero inflation or deflation would be just as easy. Using the Treasury printing presses to pay for everything without collecting taxes but simply spending the new money into the economy for greater public works of all kinds would be just as easy.

I'm telling you, the only thing hard about economics is firing the chief stewards and shepherds; but that would be easy too if the people would just do it! As I've said repeatedly, this would not necessitate starving them or punishing them but simply treating them no better or worse than anyone else.

Do you see all of this? If you do, spread it. How else with the people see through what's going on with this fake choice.

Behind the scenes where the top members of the major banking dynasties meet, they have a clear understanding of how this fake choice will weaken the nation-states so that further crises (supposedly manageable via thuggery and a huge arsenal that can be turned on the masses in the blink of an eye) will be pretexts for yet more corporate consolidation and so-called bailouts.

The new reserve currency will be taken out of the hands of the American and other electorates to decide. It will be a privatized global currency so that the banking plutocrats (world banksters) can control everything much more centrally. It will be electronic currency shortly. It will have zero reserves backing it. It will give the banksters literal totalitarian control. They reward and punish at will. You will do things 100% their way and like it, or you will be terminated. This leads to the Apocalypse, in which so many don't believe and won't believe even as it is upon them for cause.

All this breaking down the barriers between the various compartments, over which those plutocrats are continuing to grab absolute (totalitarian) control, is designed to facilitate greater and greater consolidation into fewer and fewer hands. It's definitely Biblical in proportions.

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