The charges – a quick analysis « Help Bradley Manning

The charges – a quick analysis « Help Bradley Manning

Tom Usher wrote or added | Bradley Manning leaked the slaughter video showing the US military mowing down unarmed Iraqi men and even shooting children (who thankfully survived but are both emotionally and physically severely scarred by the event). The military had covered it up. Bradley rightly figured the people have a right to know what was going on over there in Iraq: utter recklessness on the part of US forces. Now the military is after him with a vengeance for doing the right thing exposing evil.
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    • John Bielik

      [This comment was in with the spam. The text isn't a valid reason for that. Evidently, other bloggers have sent comments by the "author name" and/or the submitted email to spam. I'm allowing this comment so I may address it directly.]

      Didn't you get the memo? Via Gawker, Boing boing and Queerty?

      Bradley's either gay, bi or trans, or some combination thereof.

      • So what? Whether Bradley Manning is or isn't whatever is completely irrelevant to the issue of the the war crimes revealed and whether or not Bradley Manning should be punished for bringing those war crimes to light. Didn't you get that memo from God? I did.