The American people are definitely waking up and will continue to do so, but Obama has not been helpful

The biggest immediate problem right now is that Obama spent huge sums of money that mainly and deliberately benefited the rich. On account of that, those who are upset at spending in general have cover. Continuing that thread, the same ones upset at spending also hold other beliefs usually that also benefit the Zionists' position.

Had Obama spent the money wisely putting people back to work and in homes, etc., the economy would have been vastly better off many months ago and the main funding sources of the Zionists would not now be that much richer by virtue of the widened income and wealth gap. Also, the deficit hawks would not have the issue around which to rally completely ignoring that proper targeting of spending would have seeded a huge harvest. They do ignore it on purpose.

The upshot of all of this is that those who are even more intransigent concerning the Zionists (the Republican neocons) will gain strength in the Congress in November. Democrats are to blame for this for insisting upon Clinton triangulation rather than spreading the word connecting the dots so that the anti-war candidate will win and will move to shut down military and financial imperialism and rather bring forth peace.

If the spending had been done correctly, Democrats of the anti-Zionist persuasion would be looking forward to big gains in the Congress in the upcoming election rather than the bleak picture we see.

All is not lost however, far from it. The "conservatives" will only make things worse. If the connections are drawn over the long run so that anti-Zionists show how all the wrong policies and procedures in all sectors have contributed to the mess and that "conservatism" of the neocon and neoliberal variety are two sides of the same wicked penny, we will have all the more people waking up.

It would have been better that they had already seen these things, but if crises are the only things that cause people to look around for clues as to why things are the way they are and what to do about them to solve them once and for all, then who are we to not use crises to draw attention?

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