Blog traffic 30 days (-17.51%)

This blog's traffic over the last 30 days is down 17.51%:

  • google (organic) 1,835 65.14%
  • (direct) ((none)) 308 10.93%
  • yahoo (organic)194 6.89%
  • bing (organic) 91 3.23%
  • (referral) 59 2.09%

This is due to not paying in mammon (poor...) for hits but also people not linking to the site from their sites, posts, & comments in & outside Facebook. Shrinking alternatives... Links please, especially from sites that are crawled and ranked by Google and the other major search engines.

All the Facebook help we can get will be appreciated too.

I'm not suggesting link-exchanges with weak and fairly off-topic sites. That only hurts both sites. If your site deals with the types of subjects dealt with here, then it should help whether you write in full agreement or not. Thoughtful critiques ... I link to sites with which I agree, somewhat agree, and disagree, etc.

Thank you. God bless everyone in the Universe with the real truth.

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