Twitter-Session Digest for: July 15, 2010

  1. Twitter-Session Digest for: July 2, 2010 - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  2. OH-NO-COSTCO: Greenpeace says Costco is doing a lousy job protecting fish populations/sustainability - Real Liberal #

  3. ReliefWeb » Document » Children in West Bank facing worse conditions than in Gaza - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  4. "Sinking Ship: The attack on the Gaza relief flotilla jeopardizes Israel itself," by John J. Mearsheimer - Real Liberal #

  5. WHITE HOUSE: Dozens of [innocent] U.S. Citizens on Assassination List - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  6. California Therapist Association Pressured to Disbar Members Who Treat Unwanted Homosexuality: No Patient Choice... #

  7. Dearborn, Michigan, USA, Police: Enforce Sharia against First Amendment in the Bill of Rights of US Constitution #

  8. Press TV-Iran Today-Major Scientific Developments in Iran-06-26-2010(Part1) #

  9. Press TV -Iran Today-MKO Terrorist Group-06-29-2010(Part1) #

  10. G20 commits itself to more "neoliberalism" #

  11. AZ Gov Jan Brewer Loses Grip; Talks About Immigrants and "Beheadings" « SpeakEasy - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  12. G20 stupidly commits itself to more "neoliberalism" - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  13. Dangerous: China Air Force Steps it Up | The Diplomat - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  14. Lives destroyed by happy pills: As our use of antidepressants DOUBLES in a decade, experts say thousands are being... #

  15. A-Z of why these [austerity] cuts are mad | Bright Green - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  16. Fascist, Racist, Zionist Mayor defends plan to raze Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem – Haaretz - Real Liberal #

  17. Any which way but true: GOPs Michael Steele Speaks Out Against War He Supported; Then Goes Back To Supporting It Again #

  18. A Must Read: Why, really, was the USS Liberty attacked by Israel? – Alan Hart - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  19. Bill Still: The Secret of OZ / Solutions For a Broken Economy - Alex Jones Tv 2/4 #

  20. Bill Still: The Secret of OZ / Solutions For a Broken Economy - Alex Jones Tv 3/4 #

  21. Bill Still: The Secret of OZ / Solutions For a Broken Economy - Alex Jones Tv 1/4 #

  22. Bill Still: The Secret of OZ / Solutions For a Broken Economy - Alex Jones Tv 4/4 #

  23. Mich Levy of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network #

  24. Press TV-On the edge with Max Keiser-Latest on Global Financial Crisis -07-02-2010(Part3) #

  25. Press TV-On the edge with Max Keiser-Latest on Global Financial Crisis -07-02-2010(Part2) #

  26. Press TV-On the edge with Max Keiser-Latest on Global Financial Crisis -07-02-2010(Part1) #

  27. Stop the Tar Sands Pipeline - Texas hearings #

  28. U.S. Declares War on Iran WW3 #

  29. Israeli boy campaigns against border mines #

  30. Press TV -The Real Deal with George Galloway-06-27-2010(Part3) #

  31. Press TV-Comment with George Galloway-The Afghanistan War-07-01-2010(Part1) #

  32. Keiser Report â„–55: Markets! Finance! Scandal! #

  33. Keiser Report â„–56: Markets! Finance! Scandal! #

  34. Emergency S.O.S.: America Falling to Foreign Bank Takeover - Fourth of July PT 1/2 #

  35. Emergency S.O.S.: America Falling to Foreign Bank Takeover - Fourth of July PT 2/2 #

  36. Must Watch: "Bill Still: The Secret of OZ / Solutions For a Broken Economy," Alex Jones TV - Real Liberal Christian #

  37. First Amendment suspended in the Gulf of Mexico – - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  38. Zionists have hijacked the Jewish religion - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  39. GMO, Frankenfish is inherently evil: Take Action with the Grassroots Netroots Alliance - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  40. Oh no, Mike. Get it right instead: "Mike Huckabee calls on Christians to restore morality" - #

  41. Who's afraid of Gilad Atzmon? B'rith Kodesh synagogue & First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY, USA? - Real Liberal #

  42. "Atzmon and Siegel in Rochester and Geneva," by Dan McGowan | Gilad Atzmon - Writings - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  43. Ron Paul: Audit The Fed Bill Fails After 114 Congressmen Flip-Flop #

  44. Shame on each American who agrees with placing sanctions on Iran when there is zero proof Iran has done anything alleged by Zionist neocons. #

  45. Unless Texans and Floridians are insane, there will be a huge shift to environmentalism if Texas & Florida end up heavily damaged by oil. #

  46. Even without BP's leak, the oceans are being destroyed by greed! #

  47. "54 hotdogs and buns — 14 fewer than his record from last year." Wow, & I thought I was bad for eating 10 when I was a teenager. Vegan now! #

  48. Hillary Clinton said Russia should end its "occupation" of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Those people want the Russians there, Hillary. #

  49. Financial reform is a failure #

  50. GASLAND Trailer 2010 #

  51. Austerity will lead to economic collapse #

  52. I'm now following #

  53. "Please vote for WordPress search returning paged-post results" Vote here: - I posted on it here: #

  54. Economics is easy! #

  55. The International Monetary Fund's recommendations to the US is to the American people what a pair of cement shoes are on a drowning man. #

  56. Austerity is for suckers of the banksters' con game. Nations, throw off the evil and very heavy yoke of the banksters and usher in bounty. #

  57. "Israel" needn't fear delegitimisation or delegitimization. People are waking up to the fact that it wasn't legitimate in the first place. #

  58. The International Monetary Fund's recommendations to the US are to the American people what a pair of cement shoes are on a drowning man. #

  59. Bailout the Unemployed, Not Banksters. Nationalize the Federal Reserve and Re-Nationalize the US Currency ASAP! #

  60. Want some quick scripture to use with Jehovah's Witnesses? Try the following - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  61. They've said for weeks, they can't cap the oil leak because the sea bed is cracked. Now they're saying they may have it capped Monday. #

  62. "Jobless economic recovery" is one of the dumbest euphemisms. If it's jobless, it isn't recovery. It's theft. #

  63. The "new retirement plan": don't. #

  64. CNN fired Middle East editor, Octavia Nasr, tweeting: "Sad...passing...Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah...One of Hezbollah's giants I respect...." #

  65. A CNN editor may gush all over a racist, apartheid Zionists who built Israel via terrorism (Irgun) but not a Grand Ayatollah of Lebanon. #

  66. That means CNN is controlled by Zionists. #

  67. Let's get this straight. Homosexuals say the DOMA is unconstitutional, so if any state recognizes pedophile marriage, all states must. Bull! #

  68. We have not come to a position that Palestine is good & Israel bad. We have reaffirmed that land thieves are evil outlaws and illegitimate. #

  69. When Presbyterians back ending US aid to Israel unless settlement expansions stop, the "news" gives us few Presbyterians but many Zionists. #

  70. It is Christian, therefore necessarily loving, to inform people when relations are unwholesome. It is unchristian to affirm unwholesomeness. #

  71. I don't remember AZ's law being limited to police enforcing another law before they investigate the immigration status of people on a whim. #

  72. If memory serves, It sounded to me that it was worded to allow officers to check people with little to no real reasonable grounds. I'll ck. #

  73. Obama is taking credit for whipping the recession. It's not over yet, Barack. He's doing the propaganda thing in the lead-up to elections. #

  74. Michelle Malkin rightly slams Black Supremacism of New Black Panthers but ducks the Jewish Supremacism of Israel. #

  75. Look at the shot the "conservatives" chose for George Clooney's teeth. Grow up? #

  76. "if you think the big boys won't game that don't understand how well Citigroup, Goldman...have come through." — Larry Elder #

  77. I can hear "conservatives"; but when I come to Limbaugh, I'm just amazed at how stupid he is. The stuff he connects? #

  78. I'm rethinking Kennedy, again. As a boy, I thought he was great but became disillusioned. Now he appears the best in my lifetime. #

  79. Jimmy's the best former. #

  80. CNN: Almost All Exxon Valdez Cleanup Crew Dead!!! #

  81. The Wall of Hate #

  82. t r u t h o u t | BP Used Oil Industry Tax Break to Write Off Its Rent for Deepwater Rig #

  83. BP Used Tax Break to Write Off Rent for Deepwater Rig.. . #

  84. Zionist-Created Scofield "Bible": The Source Of The Problem In The Mideast - Part 2: Why Judeo-Christians Support War #

  85. Legal cover-up? No way: "Ron Paul: Audit The Fed Bill Fails After 114 Congressmen Flip-Flop" #

  86. American Indian Tribal Land Destroyed by BP, et al.| Dahr Jamail - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  87. Toxic Oil Spill Rains Warned Could Destroy North America | - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  88. This is offensive: Op-Ed Contributor – The Triumphant Decline of the WASP – - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  89. Salbuchi – The Well From Hell – Part 1 of 2 – Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  90. Movement to add to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights an Article 31 stating that access to clean and potable... #

  91. Greedy natural-gas industry is ruin ground water all over the world where they fracture for gas! GASLAND Trailer 2010 #

  92. Leader of Death Squads Wins Colombian Election [Voltaire] - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  93. "Christian-Muslim relations in Palestine" – Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  94. "Iranian planes not denied refueling" | Tehran Times – Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  95. Fantastic analysis by Webster Tarpley: "Financial reform is a failure." - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian #

  96. Challenges everyone's commitment to open discussion: "The Racial Supremacist State of Israel" - Real Liberal Christian #

  97. BP, Coast Guard Will Save Turtles From Oil Burns – BusinessWeek – Real Liberal Christian Church #

  98. Lance Armstrong is getting a new set of all-electric wheels. - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  99. The charges – a quick analysis « Help Bradley Manning (WikiLeaks Whistle Blower on US war crimes in Iraq) #

  100. Why We (Americans) Should Be Jealous of the EU's Organic Labels | Sustainable Food | – Real Liberal #

  101. Who's working for Satan?: Campaign For Liberty, Bashing BP| by Matthew J. Novak - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  102. EU: This Big Brother Is in the U.S. – IPS - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  103. Missing the Target: Hillary Clinton Blasts Steel Vise of Government Crushing Dissent, By DAVE LINDORFF - Real Liberal #

  104. Baha'i houses demolished in Iran – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  105. Appeals court rejects Obama administration bid to continue moratorium on drilling - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  106. Photos: Lovely Gaza... (Really) - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  107. The Wall of Hate: Racist, Apartheid Israel Land Thieves - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  108. BP Texas Refinery Had Huge Toxic Release Just Before Gulf Blowout – ProPublica - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  109. Presbyterian Peace Fellowship To Partner With "Jewish-Ship-To-Gaza" - Gaza Freedom Flotilla - Real Liberal Christian #

  110. t r u t h o u t | BP Used Oil Industry Tax Break to Write Off Its Rent for Deepwater Rig - Real Liberal Christian #

  111. The [fake] Adoration of Bibi Netanyahu | Criminal State - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  112. Freelance Photographer: "I Was Followed by BP Security and Then Detained by Police" - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  113. Gaza Freedom Flotilla aid ship sails from Greece, may head to Egypt - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  114. Irish Potato Famine of 1849 and the Ottoman [Turkey] Aid - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  115. Stop the offshore drilling, and take care of those who're unemployed. Put them to work on clean and sustainable alternative-energy projects. #

  116. Tuesday, we'll know if the new BP cap will hold. Are we getting the whole story? Russians say, "No." #

  117. "Beginning in 2039, [Social Security] benefits will need to be cut by about 20 percent, under current law." Stop the banksters and it won't. #

  118. "...retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen" now permits" credentialed news media free travel within the boom safety zones." Credentialed? What? #

  119. Freedom of the press means anyone who wants to publish may do so. One press is not to be favored over another based upon some "credentials." #

  120. Equal rights to express and publish cannot exist where in the eyes of the state some publishers are more equal than are others. #

  121. An Associated Press reporter has no more rights than do I to approach an oil boom to investigate it to publish about it. #

  122. If it is not so, then the Associated Press has more freedom of the press than do others. That's unconstitutional. #

  123. You will not now hear the so-called "credentialed" press continually insisting to the state that everyone has equal freedom of the press. #

  124. Stupid, lying Associated Press says the Taliban are drug-lord gangsters. The Taliban punished poppy cultivators & reduced opium & heroin. #

  125. Now the US Marines are training with the LAPD that brought us the militarized police (SWAT) that has been a disaster. #

  126. Marines are trying to get Afghanis to call Pashtuns "gangsters" when the US imperialists are the gangsters, protecting & increasing drugs. #

  127. Rand Paul says America's poor are "enormously better off than the rest of the world." What about Sweden's poor, Rand? #

  128. Rand Paul's campaign manager, Jesse Benton, says freedom versus socialism. That "freedom" is debt slavery under banksters. Up the Commons! #

  129. "Iran is nearing the possession of the potential which in principle could be used for the creation of a nuclear weapon." — Medvedev. Duh! #

  130. Medvedev didn't say, "Iran is moving closer to nuclear weapons." Nuclear for regular electricity is not necessarily moving closer to nukes. #

  131. The Washington Institute for Near East Policy is a hyper-racist, Zionist so-called "think tank" clamoring for Obama to say, "Radical Islam." #

  132. Some of why Real Christians are persecuted and censored on account of fakes - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  133. Tom Who agrees with me that Updates should have red square notifications just the way messages do? Why do we have to... #

  134. The American people are definitely waking up and will continue to do so, but Obama has not been helpful - Real Liberal #

  135. "US official [cowardly anonymous Zionist?] suggested that Iranian authorities might have threatened his [nuclear scientist, Amiri] family." #

  136. An "anonymous U.S. official" can be someone emptying wastepaper baskets at the State Dept. Some of them are wiser than those running it. #

  137. To Karl Rove: O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the... #

  138. Support for AZ's unconstitutional anti-immigration law remains in spite of US Dept. of Justice legal action. The Dept. needs to explain it. #

  139. An immigrant doesn't have to be doing anything before being questioned. I read the law. The wildest pretexts will do. #

  140. A person doesn't even need to be an immigrant before being questioned. Again, the wildest pretext will do. Welcome to the AZ Gestapo. #

  141. Do all the libertarian Tea Party members favor the AZ Gestapo tactics? How is that "freedom"? It's violating civil liberties, Libertarians. #

  142. "Obama's triumphs are also his weaknesses: Health care, stimulus, financial reform" That's because he agreed to the weakest versions. #

  143. "French lawmakers approve full veil ban" If the French can make them take it off, the Taliban can make them put it on, don't you think? #

  144. "Boosting credit to needy small businesses is 'crucial' .... Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Monday." I laughed out loud. #

  145. Don't let them make you forget the bailout Paulson begged for was to start lending. They baited and switched. They ripped off your taxes. #

  146. "Fifty-four percent now disapprove of his [Obama's] handling of the economy, a new high." How many of those are disappointed he isn't FDR?!! #

  147. The news reads as if everyone who is dissatisfied with Obama's economics are Tea Partiers. Plenty hate that Obama dis's the New Deal. #

  148. Now Obama is bringing in yet another retread: Jacob Lew as new budget director. Lew is being brought in to help crush the poor some more. #

  149. Lew rode the Clinton Internet bubble. It was easy to balance the budget. They drop the unemployed from the ranks and killed banking regs. #

  150. The Tea Partiers want everyone to think that Hitler and Lenin were socialists. Well, Scrooge was a rabid Capitalist before his revelation. #

  151. There are socialists and then there are socialists. All socialists are not Stalinists or Nazis, far from it. #

  152. Nations with the highest quality of life trend toward democratic socialism, no where near the level of capitalism of the US. #

  153. Where there is pure capitalism and no state democracy, there is dog-eat-dog. Yes, democracy is coercive — to keep the rabid in check. #

  154. If you don't like coercive democracy, stop "profiting" at the negative expense of others. #

  155. "The only to ban deep-water drilling, speed up the end of the oil age, and invest in a clean-energy future." Gary Cook, Greenpeace #

  156. "Muslims seek to add holidays on NY school calendar" Hello? They've taken Christian holidays off or renamed them. #

  157. "Prince William of Orange's victory over the Catholic King James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690": still fighting due to global unrest #

  158. The Knesset removed privileges of Knesset member Haneen Zoabi (Palestinian Arab) on the Gaza Freedom flotilla. She can't leave. Democracy? #

  159. "Organisations...against Israel's...right to existence have forfeited their right" to existence. Thomas de Maiziere German Interior Minister #

  160. In Germany, an organization is illegal if it holds the Zionist Project illegitimate as built on terrorism, ethnic cleansing, land theft, ... #

  161. It sounds to me like the Germans aren't running Germany but rather the Zionists are. #

  162. Germans coddle Zionists because of Germany's Nazi past. Zionists have been acting like Nazis toward Palestinians ever since. Stop, Germany! #

  163. Gaza Freedom Flotilla Map: http://labs.electronicintifada...../flotilla/ #

  164. Israel admits that Israel broke the ceasefire with Hamas - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  165. Libyan [Gaza Freedom Flotilla] aid ship nears Gaza, but final port in doubt #

  166. Israel is still destroying Palestinian homes and still permitting Zionists to build new buildings on illegally occupied Palestinian lands. #

  167. New Age's "All religions preach the same thing, and we must accept one another for what we are" is flat wrong. - RLCC #

  168. Blog traffic 30 days (-17.51%) - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  169. The Tea Party says Obama is a Democratic Socialist It would help if they knew what a Democratic Socialist is. #

  170. Barack Obama is no Democratic Socialist. He doesn't believe in community-wide ownership of the means of production. #

  171. Barack Obama has extremely weak social-democrat leanings. What he is, is an opportunist/centrist — just slightly "left" of John McCain. #

  172. Look Tea Party and libertarians, the Diggers were the exact opposite of the feudal lords. Learn it. #

  173. Of all the groups in England at the time, the Diggers were the most closely modeled on real Christianity. #

  174. This is truthful versus "capitalism," which is false- and hard-hearted: #

  175. American Wamba from Sir Walter Scott's novel "Ivanhoe" - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  176. If "democracy is nothing more than mob rule" and its opposite feudalism under capitalists, I'll take the mob. I vote for Jesus, not Hayek. #

  177. "Get wage growth back to historic postwar norms, and Social Security is in surplus forever." Robert Kuttner. He's right, and it's socialism. #

  178. Repeat after me, Tea Party: "Hey bankster privatizers, keep your greedy, thieving hands off my Social Security trust fund." Spread it. #

  179. "Iran activists cancel Gaza aid flotilla 'due to Israeli threats'" Nasty Zionists! . #

  180. Libyan "Gaza aid ship diverts to Egyptian port" Gaza Freedom Flotilla. #

  181. "Why didn't they allow me to have an open interview with the media in the [US]? Why didn't they ever announce my presence?" Shahram Amiri #

  182. You've heard of gated communities for the rich in the US to keep out the poor. In China they have gated communities to lock in the poor. #

  183. A sex-education program to teach 5th-graders sexual positions and 1st-graders about homosex has infuriated Helena, Montana parents. #

  184. You don't teach 10-year-olds in public schools that intercourse includes "vaginal, oral, or anal penetration." That confuses them. #

  185. "... teaching erotic art to ninth through 12th-graders" You mean promoting pornography to them. Nude comfort and eroticism aren't the same. #

  186. Children already get way too much "sex" in TV, movies, videos, games, ads, magazines, music, stores, etc. We should be removing not adding. #

  187. They overdose on it. It's not natural. Sex addicts are pushing it on the young who don't need it and won't benefit from it but be harmed. #

  188. Let the children be children. Stop trying to turn them into screwed up adults at 5 years old. #

  189. If public schools want to weigh in on sex-ed, let them confer alone with parents, & let parents decide what to share with their children. #

  190. Europe would be insane to allow GM crops as foods for anything. All they have to do is look at all the problems already. #

  191. Watch what happens when the first huge GM-crop disaster strikes. They'll make lame excuses just as with the BP oil leak. #

  192. "Senate Passes Sweeping Financial Reforms" It's a weak joke. They should have nationalized the Fed. They've left the banksters in power! #

  193. Tom | Oh, this had me in stitches: "Daniel Coble: Blah blah.... vote Democrat.... blah blah blah.... fairness....... #

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